Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BIG NEWS JUST OUT: This is for La Raza!

Don’t you just hate the spam? All spam is bad, yeah, but I have been receiving lately a LOT of emails about some stupid supposed stock market insider information. Super-bo-oo-oring, I don’t have any money to put into American stock market anyway. Besides we have all seen what’s the deal with those, in The Sopranos. It’s all about da Mob fooling stupid people, seen?

Anyhow, this caught my eye today. Apparently I should buy a lot of Goldmark Industries, ‘a rising Urban Entertainment force’, stocks today because they are about to up – right now! Yeah right. But why, you may ask? Because of Kid Frost, homie! Remember ‘This is for La Raza…’ and the video with all those lowriders etc.

As it turns out the company has, and I quote,

“…enhanced its Executive Leadership with the addition of accomplished artist, Kid Frost, as Vice President of the Music Division. Frost is very well respected by already established act and is looked at as a role model by up and coming talent. He was the pioneer of Latin Hip Hop, which has exploded, with the extremely popular, Reggaeton over the past 4 years. Frost will serve as an ideal Vice President of Music Operations within Goldmark, due to his extensive musical knowledge, skills, history and experience.

Frost -- originally known as Kid Frost -- was a pioneer in the field of Latin hip-hop, cutting some of its very first records and helping to bring exposure to other bilingual MCs. Pioneering Latino rapper Frost only gets better with age. The veteran East Los Angeles rapper, who became a hip-hop icon in 1990 with his groundbreaking single "La Raza" has stepped up his game in the last decade, sharpening his lyrical skills and becoming an authority figure in the rap world. His success allowed such Latino rappers as Cypress Hill, Fat Joe, Big Pun to make substantial hip-hop inroads.

His music features a hard-hitting mix of hard-core hip-hop, smoothed out cuts for the ladies and laid-back songs for cruising.

Frost is an original and knows about originality. Rapping since 1980 Frost scored his first record deal with Electrobeat Records thanks to the help of his long time mentor and friend Ice-T. When deciding on his name, Frost decided to model his moniker after that of the man who helped start his career, choosing Frost since Frost comes before ice. Then known as Kid Frost, Frost became a regular on the car show circuit in the mid 1980's. When he released "La Raza" and his debut album, "Hispanic Causing Panic" a few years later, his visibility exploded and helped the Lowrider culture thrive in Southern California and eventually Worldwide.

Frost says, "As I see the KRS-Ones and the LL Cool J's still in it, I won't budge. A lot of people might say that I'm too old. But I don't think it's your age or how you rap. It's your rap skills that keep you in the game. As long as we make that knocking Chevy music, we're going to stay in this rap game."”

And to those of you who bothered to read/scroll all the way down here, here is a special bonus gift to yo'all: The extremely cool video of La Kid Frost's classic La Raza, with the latin ladies in crazyass bikinis, the lowriders, the homies, the mad sax line, nods to the Aztec-ancestors, the East L.A., los murales, the TR-808, the mad tattoos, the bandanas, dickies pants, Nike Cortez sneakers, homiee-ee-ez!.

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Hennyman said...

Love those durrrty tattoos and wifebeaters. Grrrt vid