Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brooklyn we go hard

What you get when you mix Brooklyn focused lyrics, Santogold's vocals, Jay-Z's rapping and Kanye West's producing skills? Well, you get the last really good rap song of the year 2008. Jay-Z's (feat. Santogold) Brooklyn is the newish track taken off the soundtrack of the upcoming film “Notorious”, a biopic of The Notorious B.I.G. I really love when rap songs use samples of fresh tunes like in this case

If the song's this hard, I guess the film's gonna be a banger too.

Happy New Year 2009, it's gonna be a ball!

update: here's another link, they've deleted the other one. This is actually more fun, some DIY video of BK kids...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Entourage appreciation & vote post

In my opinion Entourage is still the best show on air. The biggest problem is that I really can't decide who's the best character? The sneaker lovin' hip hop wannabe Turtle, the misbehaving and constantly cursing agent Ari Gold or Johnny Drama, who thinks his calves are too skinny? Or the gay assistant of Ari, Lloyd, who gets verbally abused on each episode? Or is it still Eric who is the one keeping the posse together? Or just plain Vinny, Vincent, Vincenzo, the main jefe, the pretty one?

Well you're gonna help me with this one or just voice your own opinion. Click and vote!

Who is your favourite character from the tv series
Ari Gold
Vinnie Chase
Johnny Drama
Eric Murphy

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Torcha! - a Chrismukkah gift from the us to you

Consider this your Chrismukkah (trademarked by Seth from "The O.C.") gift this year. It's Kriton's latest jam "Torcha!", and it has already made waves at the Top Billin blog plus of course the trusty old MySpace site. If you happen to spot the vocal sample, please write your answers in the comments space.... a wink to all cheesy 90's euro/handbag lovers!

Kriton Bangers: Torcha! (mp3, 320 kbs, zshare)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

390 versions of Last Christmas

This is so hilarious that's it's gonna be my christmas/Kwanzaa present to y'all. is dedicated to the best/cheesiest christmas song ever, Wham's Last Christmas. These guys have collected already 390 versions of this delicate treat. From bollywood to acoustic to indie to electro - they've got it all and you can download it! Like Cartman would say SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!

And if this all is too cool to bear, bear in mind that the original is still the real thing for all you bears!

Merry Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa to our readers!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Brooklyn Girls

This Charlie Hamilton joint is my current fave hiphop track. Good, old fashioned East Coast party music flava, and shit about girls. Who wouldn't love a bit of that?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Regular Guy

This is basic rap parody, like what Weird Al has done, but it fits and it's funny: "I make pretty good spaghetti sauce, mothef**a". Actually this guy is pretty good, although kinda x-rated and not too PC to begin with. Google him on the inner'web to find the more saucy stuff.

Viewdle blew my mind

This is so advanced tech stuff that it's not cutting edge it's pure bleeding edge . These Viedwle guys come from Ukraine and they have been developing this facial recognition and video search software within the army and university and it's mind blowing. They won the best start-up prize at the Le Web conference in Paris this week and the truly deserved it.

Viewdle has developed video search tools that previously needed supercomputers to run, but their apps run on regular pc's. Check out their demos on how you can search video material: their software can tell who's on the video, what the subject is and when it's been shot. It's still in some kinda beta version, but you'll get the picture. I guess these ukrainian nerd's are gonna be rich soon.

The Hype Machine

In the digital age if you want to be ahead and know what's coming up next on the music scene, you can't really rely on official charts and media. I mean, even the Billboards and such are good indicators of what's happening right now with the masses (album, single and even downloaded music sales) but it's the blogs where the action is. You might have build your own iGoogle or Netvibes account to follow the latest RSS-feeds of your favourite blogs, but here's a good site to see what the blogosphere is buzzing about: The Hypemachine

Obviously Hypemachine is not perfect, 'cos it don't have Kriton Music indexed :-), but it's a nice service though. Recently we've covered one out of three top artists with our posts about Kanye's fixed gear 'cos the most blogged ones for the time being are Kanye, Cut Copy and MGMT.

But let's fix that: Cut Copy really rocks and so does MGMT.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House, house, house and even more mother****ing house

I really loved Jzzmeister's post about 'ye ole chicago house music. I've been in Paris for the last week, and I must say that I'm totally feeling the french house music and electro right now. Well you can't miss it here, 'cos even the upscale department stores like Galeries Lafayette play Justice & other as "elevator music". I'm kinda novice on the subject - I've got the obvious Daft Punk albums and Ed Banger compilations at home, but I haven't really gotten into the whole filter using aural pleasure as a genre.

To get in the mood watch the educational film above, it's from the lecture series "Samples. French House Music and samples used 101"...

WORD! BJ The Messenger: 'Crackhead'

Monday, December 08, 2008


I guess so, since Blogger seems to think that. The blog in case is, my personal blog where i post new thigs i've accomplished in the wonderful world of graphics (a.k.a. "piirtelen tikku-ukkoja"). Blogger has some sort of a auto-bot that goes through blogs and notices if they have SPAM BLOG type of qualities (whatever they may be) and right now they've spotted MY DEAR OLD BLOG with their all seeing eye. I'm scared, dude!

So now I just asked them to check it, so they'll see it's COMPLETELY HARMLESS. But how will i know if Blogger will approve it? After all, they may find my graphics "like just sooooo late 2007/early 2008" that they just can't compete with the illustrator hipsters of 2009. "Like soooo lame, this guy is still using gradient slides and photo grain textures". "Dude, we so HAVE TO kick this loser outta here!!"...

So if you wanna go and see my much-dreaded SPAM BLOG, go here and visit. It's not such a bad place.

This Is Motherfucking House Music

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kanye Haz A Fixie

As recently revealed by Hennessy, our blog posts about Kanye's as well as Pharrell's new fixed gear bicycle purchases have been some of the most popular ones we ever wrote. 

So to celebrate that, peep the photo above, borrowed from the Fixed Gear Trickster/Blogger Extraordinaire, Mr. John Prolly. If you're into all that bicycle stuff, check out his blog, as well as mine to keep your head in the game, homie. 

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Many people have been talking about this for the past months, but I finally got my invite to Spotify and I'm pretty stoked as well.

If you haven't heard, it's the new thing, better than many "web radios" before, loads of free music streamed + nice user interface + a recommendation engine that helps you find new artists. What more can I say? I love it, hope it comes available to all users pretty soon

It's amazing

It might come as a surprise to many of you but our older blog post about Kanye West's trackbike is one of the biggest things that lures readers to our blog.

Besides obvious love for track bikes and fixie culture I think that Kanye is still a genius when it comes to making music. On the new album mr West is mos def overusing vocoder/autotune all too much. But for an example this one has a super simple but cool beat and a bit corny piano loop that kinda fits in perfectly with the lofi rapping. I just had to turn up my speakers when this was on air this morning. And Jeezy comes in just when u think the song is over. It's amazing.

Best of 2008

We might be putting out some "Best Of The Year 2008" -lists or even mixtapes here soon, but until we do that, here's an interesting thing.

Last Fm has published a list of the best artists, songs and albums based on "entirely on your scrobbling, this is a real look at what you've been listening to (not just buying). The charts are ranked by total number of listeners"