Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The tipping point

All who have read Gladwell's book by the same name know what the term means. It's basically a point, when a previously rare phenomenon becomes rapidly and dramatically more common. Like crocs sandals some time ago (yucch!, Ok, let's not go there, but crocs are not for adults, and especially not for adult males youhearme!), and now they're a real mass phenomenon.

Well, these last weeks must have been the tipping point for Facebook here in Finland. As I write this a lot of finnish peeps are signing up for the service. Facebook has been quite popular in the US since last september when it opened up for the masses (previously it was a reserved for students), and now it seems to get a hold here in the northern hemisphere. When I tried it last spring it seemed like another place for social networking like MySpace, but it's technically a lot more advanced. You can so easily add cool applications that really work and the interface is pretty good when u get the hang of it. U just gotta play around with it. And I fell for it this week.

What makes me wonder is what's gonna happen to MySpace, or is this going to draw crowds from more "adult" services like LinkedIn.

However the Kriton Posse is alreade there, and we likes it. Let's just wait if this really becomes a mass phenomenon, it sure seems like it, 'cos the buzz is really big at the moment.

The first Kriton video "Scared Money" is finally here!

Okay, this is it then. The first official Kriton High School Bangers video (and at the same time the first video from Kriton Music) "Scared Money". Written, directed, produced and edited by There's birds, there's a scary looking dude, there's explosions. There's even rap samples!

Recognize it, watch it, rate it, favorite it, comment it on Youtube!

Okay, check this out: Youtube videos are crap quality. If you wanna check out what the video is REALLY supposed to look like, peep here (.mov = 60mb). It looks damn NYCE!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I can still feel it...

We've already posted way too many entries concerning Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight, so why stop now?
I think I'm just gonna go on and on blogging, as long as i've got something to write about that song.

A classic is a classic is a classic, and you can't even ruin it by making an atmospheric tribal deep house remix of it.
Well, I'm sure you could. But Osunlade didn't.

Here's Osunlade's brand new remix of In The Air Tonight (out on 12" on some label which i can't remember right now)

Osunlade vs. Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight (mp3)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Me a Posenger now. My 'Sinkula' is here.

Ok, while we are on the subject of the bikes, look up, there's a v2.0 incarnation from my old mountain bike. Now turned into a single speed urban cruiser, or basically something like a big 26" BMX.

I had abandoned my old MTB some years ago. Originally I bought it in the mid-1990s, it used to be a good bike then, and I drove it hard until the gears, brakes and other parts where all worn out. Then I just left it in parents' garden shed and forgot about it.

However, this summer while on a holiday trip in Copenhagen I saw so many nice bikes around that it made me remember what I once had. I suppose I had also gotten a bit bored with my Jopo, I must admit. You need to have projects, and sometimes you need to be able to ride faster, right?

Now, with my bike project, basically I stripped off everything that I could and fitted a single speed conversion kit in the place of the old gear system. This changes completely the feeling of the bike, to a much nicer direction IMO. It is hard to explain but riding a single speed bike feels somehow more honest when it will only go as fast as you will pedal - and this is exactly why you wanna ride it fast. Also, having only a front brake forces you to really concentrate on your riding...

Finally, to give even nicer touch to my new/old bike, my man Teemu sorted me out with some nice extra fat slick tires, a more modern riser handlebar and a better seat.

All that fixed gear and single speed craze is apparently bit of a trendy thing now, so that makes me, what, a Posenger?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kriton team longboard report #2

Last friday the Kriton Posse took their boards to various downhill spots in Helsinki to do some cruising. It was great,we all had a blast, and no one got hurt. We took over the long curvy road leading from Uimastadion to the parking lot of Stadion, and also tried the area around Hartwall arena. This week we gonna try something else. We love it.

It just proved that you can be over thirty and get a new hobby. Besides longboarding I've also started road cycling this summer ( see my bike here). I've been mountain biking for like 7 years now, so this kinda bikes were a bit weird to me. My ride is not a pure road/track bike, it's more like a urban shuttle type-o-thang, it a singlespeed, so there are no gears to get in the way. It has a flip-flop hub), so you could easily turn it into a fixed gear bike, but that's next year, right?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Reggae Album of the year goes to...

Coooooooooolllieeeeeee Buuuuuuddddddz. To make it short: get Collie Buddz's album now. I heard it first time like a month ago (don't ax me how I gottit...), but it took me until this weekend to realize that this one is a true killer. You have heard the biggest singles maybe too many times (come around, mamacita...), but as a whole this is one of the best albums that has come out in reggae for a long time. Me likes it.

And there are some killer tunes that have not yet been released as singles, like "Haterz / Blind to you", which keeps ringing in my head all the time.

It gwaaaan like dis..

"I'm blind to you haterz,
Cya touch me war instigators,
Me say me busy love lately,
Ask you how the world ah run so"

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Straight Outta Veruca Salt Lake City

One of the coolest things is to find out what one hit wonders and has been bands or musicians are doing today. I bumped into Nina Gordon's new stuff on the ever great interweb. Nina who, you must be asking. Well, Nina used to be in Veruca Salt, which is one of those nice grrrl pwwwr bands that ruled in the nineties. I'm not all that stoked about Nina's solo stuff but this cover song made me laugh.

I know it's a thing that's been done before, mess some gangsta rap songs with easylistening versions or such (yuh know Richard Cheese with gin and juice), but this sounded... honest? Enjoy this crazy stuff still.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I can feel it too

What a coincidence. I happened to be at the pool in Italy too, when that Phil Collins classic hit the air. Plus various offsprings of us Kriton peeps that we like to call "the second generation Kritons" but that's another story. The deal is that Hennessy was damn right: "In The Air Tonight" was so designed to be listened to at the pool. It was perfect.

And here we got another coincidence: the new album by teen reggae/hiphop/r&b prodigy Sean Kingston just hit the streets this week and guess what. Its got a nice song in there called "I Can Feel It" and you already know which 80's hit it samples. And the album's not bad either, if you don't have anything against poppy r&b/reggae, that makes T-Pain sound like serious art music. It's all good.

So here you go: "I Can Feel It" By Sean Kingston featuring the immortal Phil Collins samples. Mp3