Friday, May 26, 2006

Desmond Dekker R.I.P

Ok, let's make it short; Desmond Dekker died of a heart attack yesterday. You can get the details e.g. from here. Most kids maybe think of him as the dude with the song from that film" (which still is a banging flick) , but to me he was one of the best "pop" icons onf reggae. He goes right up there with Jimmy Cliff, Dennis Brown, Toots Hibberts, Greogory Isaacs, and wel.. yuh know ... that Marley-character.

Respect for the man from shanty town!

Friday, May 19, 2006

LBLA - Soft Rock fa Life!

Alright, the summer is coming. And when it's summer you don't wanna bum yourself out with gloomy goth music. That's just so teen-angsty. You will need good ADULT rock/pop/soul music. And what better way to hear that music than Kriton Radio?

This week i present to you a selection called "L.B.L.A." (short for Life Beyond Los Angeles, which is actually an album by Ambrosia...). The perfect, drivin, kissing, chilling-out, magazine-reading, getting-drunk-to- music there is. Here are a couple of originals i had to take off the CD version, because of the selection's massive length. So basically this is LBLA - the director's cut. The friggin radio blog just messed with the track order and i can't be bothered to mess it back. So now you have the tracks running from 18 to 1. Hope that's okay with you, dudes & dudettes?

The original track list of LBLA goes like this:


Banda Black Rio: Maria Fumaca (1977)
Jorge Santana: I Love The Way (1978)
Ambrosia: Living On My Own (1980)
Toto: Takin' It Back (1978)
Kenny Loggins: This Is It (1979)
Fleetwood Mac: Dreams (1977)
Eddie Money: Two Tickets To Paradise (1977)
Jackson Browne: Somebody's Baby (1982)
The Babys: Everytime I Think Of You (1978)
Player: Baby Come Back (1978)
Michael McDonald: Yah Mo B There (1983)
Bobby Caldwell: Whay You Won't Do For Love (1977)
JP Rodgers Jr: I Enjoy Your LOve (1982)
Steely Dan: FM (1978)
Todd Rundgren: Can We Still Be Friends (1978)
and the bonus tracks are:

Christopher Cross: Sailing (1980)
Pablo Cruise: Cool Love (1980)
Isley Brothers: Summer Breeze (1973)
Chicago: Saturday In The Park (1972)

Be cool my babies!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bedroom Heroes

This hilarious DIY video proves that people should stop playing with themselves and get a social life. Fiddlin' alone with your instrument used to be a common trend in the 80's. Then all teenager-wannabe-guitarhero-metalheads had to practise hour after hour to master tricky and fast guitar licks in their bedrooms to achieve a certain level on professionalism, that was needed in the demanding genre of metal. From that evolved bedroom DJ's and other lonesome instrumentalists of other genres.

That's was ok way back, because that was the 80's when people also drove big speed boats and got introduced to bunch of new things such as crack, dancehall reggae and Nintendos. Some of these new things were cool, some of these were not so cool.

But after this video I realized that, OH MY GOD, it is 2006 and there must be heards of metal keyboardist who also "jam" and "get wild & wacky" and "improvise" alone at home. This is a very sad world. Didn't we learn anything the 80's, or 90's grunge ? Why didn't metal go away like puffy hairdo's and reaganism like it should have?

(ok, after writing this, I did sum detective work and found out that this dude in the video is a member of "Runeland:A Power Metal Saga". This means that he's ok, he's got a life. Let this be a warning to all those stars-to-be: get in touch with real people and start a band. That's it.)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Free Kukkapuro chairs and other things

Big corporate companies are very funny. For example this big-arse publishing corporation that my dad works for (let's just call 'em Talent-bum) is moving from its former premises next door to where i live. So they decided to get rid of bunch of old crap they wont be needing in their new fancy office. I happened to check in the room they filled with throwaway stuff in the basement and copped these two Yrjö Kukkapuro chairs (Skaala 427, in the pic above). And my peeps got like 12 Artek chairs (611 and 45 that i'm gonna steal from 'em someday).

On other things, a huge load of nu crap on the Kriton Radio! Today i just uploaded the upcoming DJ Shadow banger Seeing Thangs featuring the almighty David Banner, and bay area hyphy-masters Nump and Gold. Shit is so tight, shadow-athmospherics and staight out bangin crunk beats. DJ Shadow nerds be crying and whinin bout this though.. Poor geeks!

Then we got the super good new Sleepy Brown party anthem Margaritas with Pharrell Williams and Big Boi from OutKast. And the new single Chevy Ridin' by Dre (not Dr. Dre, you fool, Dre from Miami's hottest producer duo Cool & Dre) and hustlemaniac Rick Ross. Plus "Sewn" by The Feeling, my favorite pop band right now, who is also almost my namesake!

That's for today. Still so much stuff posted a couple of weeks ago: like new hot Christina Milian, Who's Gonna Ride feat. Three 6 Mafia (my fave r&b-track right now) and Rihanna's contagious We Ride (we seem to have a real ridin' theme here). Plus a new hot joint from Obie Trice & Akon "Snitch", Sweden's Petter doin' "Det går bra nu" remix with Fabolous, Bitch Ass Darius' Ride (back to the ridin' theme; but also the guy's got fuckin coolest artist name i've heard in a while!), new Killa Cam & Lil Weezy, Touch It Or Not, the remix of T.I.'s Why You Wanna featuring our favorite backpacker turned ladies man Q-Tip, new Mobb Deep that doesn't suck even though it's G-Unit, new reggae-influenced Lil Flip (call him Fliperachi now!), hipster-fave Justice from Paris France, Jamie Foxx & Twista on a slow jam tip again, new surprisingly good Dudley Perkins, AND the usual down-south ish from D4L, Pimp C, Da Muzicianz, Dem Franchize Boyz and Da Backwudz.
Enjoy that stuff baby, until we go'n take it away for good! Kriton Radio fa life!

Power To The Book

Heeeeeeeeeee're it iiiiiizzzzzzzzz folks! The Kriton Posse is now finally PC-free when it comes to music making hardware. I used to be the missing link, but as of last nite I am so totally powerbookin' til doomsday, that it hertz. Ok, the new Macbooks are cool looking, but this is a tried&tested true solid warrior in its' shiny silver armour.

Here's the funniest vid I've seen in a long time. In the video you can see a taxidriver on BBC commenting on the Apple vs. Apple case. That itself is not funny, but the man is there by mistake - the reporter thinks that she's talking to Guy Kewney, the founder of Even the big media makes mistakes! This shait is really hilarious...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Makasiinit One More Time: Flickr

Just like Google, Flickr is always your friend. If you wanna see lots (currently 790) pics of the now-burned-and-demolished Makasiinit that we have been blogging about recently, click: HERE.

Kriton High in My Space!

Yo! Kriton High School Bangers have now entered My Space. Just like everybody else. Even K-Fed is there, I just can't be bothered to find his page right now.

"Kriton High School Bangers - always underappreciated, unnoticed, unadvertised, unnecessary, unpredictble, unlikely and confusing.The musical collective from southern parts of Helsinki, KHSB consists of Alppila, JzZi & Hennessy.

KHSB is fueled by 70's FM-rock, dirty south rap, roots reggae, 80's electronic disco and funk, motown soul, detroit techno, afrobeat and east coast gangsta.

"Fascinating, muddy, cloudy, dopey, hi-tech, lo-tech. No tech, can't say - I recognize some of the loops from my childhood Top 40 radio days. These kids sound like they could be from Brooklyn's Bushwick section, amazing the sound of Helsinki meets New York sweaty factory club with a strict door policy and a couple of brothers working the door policy. Who are these kids? For fucks sake, this is the balls to the wall tripped out, I just don't have the words."

-H-P Valdeolivas / Le Cool Barcelona"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Helsinki was Burning. R.I.P. Makasiinit.

Continuing on the fate of the Makasiinit and Alppila’s last posting:

Burning of the Makasiinit was the best thing that could possibly happen in this situation. The place was ordered to be demolished anyway but only two days before that it was destroyed by a massive fire. And now all politicians who ordered the place to be torn down in the first place are playing Jesus and pretending to be sorry that "the story of Makasiinit had to end like that". Apparently the prime minister even said he expected there to be a human chain trying to stop the beginning of the demolishing on morning when the work was going to start. Just f**k off. Best political protest is always the one that leaves the police in full riot gear standing on an empty street, looking stupid and wondering where the demonstrators are.

The rumour going around has it that “some crazy anarchist” torched the place with couple of Molotow cocktails and also the police with their C.S.I. and everything seems to believe in the planned arson theory. However, anyone who fails to see the message of the act, must be just stupid. Sure, too bad the building was destroyed and not conserved but let’s face it, Makasiinit were not meant to be conserved in any meaningful form anyway. The building was just going to be torn down quietly, as if everyone would forget it, just like that. But then, maybe the place was really just located a little bit too good for it self, facing the Parliament.

Makasiinit was a cool place, it was the only real spot left for any counter, street and youth culture in central Helsinki, which was not 100% commercial and controlled by the Man. During last ten years there were a lot of different parties and festivals, the flea market, skateboarding hall and other nice activities in the absolute centre of Helsinki.

Some pics here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We salute the place, the spirit, the memory and everyone who ever went there or organized anything there.

R.I.P. Makasiinit.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Makasiinit - ihan liekeissä!

Makasiinit - ihan liekeissä!
Originally uploaded by fiilinc.
Here we go... this is the last breath of what was known as VR:n Makasiinit in Helsinki (an alternative cultural center or summ like dat). I took this photo like 20 minutes ago from my living room window after having been wondering what f is going on for about ten minutes and then logging on to some news services... VR makasiinit ilmiliekeissä - Rest In Peace!