Friday, November 24, 2006

Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

Ok, this is another videoflick that I'm posting here this week, but this material is hilarious. It's a vast source for Quasimoto kind of spoken samples.

Let's this be a warning to all you kids. Stay away from drugs of all kind. Drugs are baaaaad, mmmmmkay?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Emo kids gone friggin' cuckoo and dancing to embrace their insanity and appearing pretty goofy while doing it and therefore not proving their point

I hope my own offspring will not end up like these brats. It's a weird phenomenon, try searching for "knuck if you buck" on Youtube. OMG.

Hindustani dubstep, I presume?

After last night’s recording session I became obsessed with playing sitar.I have tried a large variety of string instruments from cellos to 12 string acoustics and from banjos to bloody balalaicas. But sitars I haven’t layed my hands on yet, dayammn! I should get one from e-bay, I guess. Those babies rrrr hott!

So yesterday we once again experimented with old synths, digging out weird sounds. We were really hyped once we found a sound titled "Cryton", but it was a biiiig disappointment, no hotness was found there. But a feeling of great expectations soon arrived trumpeting the joy of life as we found the sitar sound. So we cranked the amps up and tried to to emulate the vibes from Alppila’s wicked Bollywood type-o-samples on his MPC. Nothing too original here I guess to begin with, but try to imagine this mixed with

- 1.5 litres of new reggae accapellas about sensi
- a large bowl of unwashed and dirty grimey subsynths
- 3 spoonfuls of Justin Timberlake kinda synth arpeggios
- 2 teaspoons of live electric bass
- Finely chopped themes from classic Indie rock songs
- 3 medium pieces of strongly echoed ItaloWestern-like guitars
- Mad echoes and dub delays to your taste

And you will once again get the point of being a Kriton. It is an organization of madness. But it’s all good, aint’t it?

And to make this blog accurate, Jzzi could point out the make and the model of the synth we used. Fi dem nerds out dere.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Guy Called ?uest

Last saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson from The Roots, when he stopped by in Helsinki to play a dj gig.

I know ?uest is a huge friggin icon for many of you jazzy hippie nu-soul type cats (the type of people who actually might use the term "cat" when referring to a male). And although The Roots is not always exactly my cup of tea (still, the new album is mad NICE!) still I must admit that ?uest is an incredibly talented and prolific musician and producer. All that blah blah yada yada, we all know that stuff. Musically, the man is near genius.

But the big news here is... This dude was one of the friendliest, nicest, sincerest and most outspoken people ive met in the music bizness. No ego trippin, no putting other artists down, no ass-kissin, no dissing, no pre-written biography answers type bullcrap. The guy was actually making conversation

People say that his dj gig wasn't maybe the hottest thing since sliced pizza (i didn't go since it was too late, too Kallio and i was too beat). But even if it had been crazy wicked, i wouldn't even regret not going. The interview was just enough for me. ?uest confivinced me that musos can be decent humans too. Which sometimes seems to escape me.

And also: he was one of the biggest dudes I've seen in all my life. I mean XXXXXL-large.

Friday, November 17, 2006

For the Love of Sneakers. Price 1800 U.S. Dollars

Hi, my name is jzZi and I am an Ebay-a-holic. But whatever, but there is so much cool stuff there.

Hennessy was blogging here about sneakers some time ago and yeah, I love ‘em too. I have scored more than my share of sneakers from eBay but just look at this Ebay-deal: apparently some people love & cherish rubbery kicks more than others.

The auction ended last weekend but lord, 1800 dollars sure is a lot of money to pay for a cardboard boxful of nostalgia from 1985. Especially when the same seller is auctioning a pair of similar original Air Jordan One's, currently for only USD 11.50.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's a dirty Yob, but someone's gotta do it.

Being a young person in the windy island of the Britons must be hard nowadays. First they banned you from football games if you had a registered history of rioting in these matches. You wuz surely a dangerous hooligan. Then they didn’t let you in certain pubs/bars/clubs if you happened to wear a Burberry cap. You wuz a friggin Chav. Now they have you under heavy surveillance if you wear a hoodie, you must be a goddamn Yob!. And being a Yob, means that you are most definitely suffering from ASBO, you little rascal!

We’ve come a long way from the 90’s lad culture, which was amusing, but pretty positive in most aspects. A bit of degrading of women, some overuse of alcohol and some stupid behaviour, that’s all.

But are these chavs and yobs really such a danger to average tea-and-biscuit-posse , or is this just a new fad of the media in the UK. You should check out Macintyre’s Big Sting. and make up your own mind…

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's wrong with this picture

Posing is an artform. And people are divided into three types when it comes to posing. First there are those who can pose and those who can’t. And then there are people who can’t but who have talented people helping them to look cool anyway.

Glam Rock is all about posing, and nowadays a lot of northern kids wanna play in some sort of glam band. This is a problem when they can’t pose and don’t have the right people who could make them look cool still. Let’s take a a look at this pic above. And I must say I have nothing against this band (the name of the group shall remain unmentioned), it’s the record company who should have paid a bit more attention and a few more euros on the stylist/AD.

Let’s start from the left. This guy’s pretty ok, he’s got the ripped clothing, a Lolita-like chewing gum and all. And he’s a bit like Nikki Sixx. Or maybe Awa from Lordi. Or one of the younger sisters of Tik Tak. I guess all teen girls and sugar daddys wanna take him home and rub him the right way.

But the trouble begins with the singer (the upfront guy must be the singer,’cos he’s… well.. upfront, like singers usually like to be situated). His only desire is to be like Sid Vicious, but the innocence from his face just deletes all viciousness from 15 meters around him. And the body posture… That’s a classic “I farted/I have crapped my pants”-pose. And it seems that there is a pile of something beneath him already.

And my favourite couple are these ”playas” on the right. First of all the hat-guy propably goes running back to the university to study more mathematics once he sees this picture with him wearing make-up for the first and last time. And he should give that hat back to his professor on the way.

The guy on the right either has a wig or then all that hair has been photoshopped afterwards, I can’t tell. Quite confusing indeed. And the guy with the hat actually seems to be holding this guys' balls. What’s up with that? Can’t hold your own balls? All I have in this world is my balls and my buddy’s balls an my word???

A few more hours in front of the mirror, a few more evenings watching Hanoi Rocks videos and a professional stylist. That’s all it takes kids. Honestly.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Snowed in, rollin' on 22’s

Today it finally came here, the illest time of the year. For people with cars this means that you have to put chrome rims to the basement and replace them with something more suitable for winter conditions.

Good news for wealthy Scandinavians is that Nokian has finally a new winter tire that fits even 22 inch rims. The new Hakkapeliitta 5 SUV’s are a necessity if your want to take your Hummer out for a ride to hunt for reindeer or such.

But if you listen to rap lyrics, 22’s are nowadays nothing to brag with, real players go for 24's or 26’s or like the realest n****s would roll with 28’s.

You see me rollin'...