Wednesday, September 07, 2016

(Oi) You Need To Hold It Down!

HennyMan strikes again!

A take on the summer sound of 2016, a struggle between techno and house with some tribal feels (as always with HennyMan). An to spice it up, a little UK twist (Streets vox sampled). Not being a true conoisseur of genre I label it as tech house. Enjoy.

Best Content Marketing

Everyone talks about content marketing but many seem to miss the whole point. You need to have content that is relevant and excites your (potential) customers. No boring or dull stuff. And content should not be (just) about your product, but about something that is interesting and in some context with your brand. LANDR is my favourite example of a brand that does it really well.

LANDR is a company that has a online audio mastering service. Ideal solution for musicians who are not yet pro, but would appreciate to have their music mastered well. A cool service, I suppose.

But what they have done is a blog that has content that is useful and relevant when it comes to recording and making your own music. Tips, hints and reviews may not be a new thing, btu they have just done this really well.

You should follow them now!