Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pimpin' like my daddy

For all you non-finnish readers, let me tell you something: the summer's really early this year in here (okay, now i might've jinxed it and tomorrow it probably snows...). It's sunny and almost 20 degrees on the celsius scale. That calls for some sort of a celebration, and i'm not talking bout Mayday (Vappu) tomorrow. No way, Jorge, that shit is for beginners. The hardcore partying starts only after Mayday.

If you survive until saturday (May 3rd) and you're in Helsinki, be sure to come over to the club Big Pimpin at We Got Beef. Kriton's very own Alppila aka Fiil Inc aka myself spins rap/soul/rnb/aor/electronic/other with resident deejay Henrikki (remember this mix?). Who knows, i might even put on a Kriton remix or two.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2.5 grand don't come for free

The funniest email EVER popped into the Kriton mailbox today. Check this out!



We acquired the domain Kriton.com recently. It is now available at
the price of EUR 2500.

If you are interested in it, please let us know before 6:00 pm,
Friday, Apr 18, 2008 CET. After that, this domain may not be available

About the transition:
The transition of domain and payment can be finished through a trusted
third-party escrow service like sedo.com, afternic.com, etc, so you
don't have to worry about the trust problems. If you don't get the
domain, we will not get paid.

NOTE: If the name is bought by other company or person, it may never
be available again.

Best regards,
Xxx Xxxxx

Are you fuckin serious????!!!!
Why would we pay 2.5 grand for a fuckin domain???
What the hell do you think we are, the Roc-A-Fella Billionaires???!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Death, sex and religion respectively

Last year we reported of (a bit too) many deaths of rock/rapstars. Like Pimp C for instance. It's amazing that Pimp C was as a pretty unknown artist to the great public, but at the same time his passing away was something that many people wanted seek information on. It just got my hands on a statistic that revealed the top search terms of Google on December 4th 2007. And the list is:

1. pimp c
2. lafave
3. pimp c found dead
4. ugk
5. debra lafave
6. eat pray love
7. hannukah prayers
8. lafave arrested again
9. chad butler
10. the family international

But more interestingly this once again reveals what interests people:

- death (pimp's death) 4/10
- sex (debra lafave's a teacher who messed with young boys) 3/10
- religion (guess it was hannukah time for some folks) 3/10

Really. I mean really. I mean REALLY.

(AND.... I have no real point for the picture above, I'm not michael moore yuh know. It just whaty Google showed me for search terms "death sex religion")

Tektonik. Yes, now go ahead and learn it.

How do you know you're getting old and that you're not that hip into the latest trends and cool stuff anymore? It's when you don't know what's the latest dance craze anymore.

Us, the Kriton boys are obviously not that young anymore but thank God our favorite Italian in Helsinki, Giac is keeping it real-er than us by pointing us to this thing here -> TEKTONIK. Grazie! 

This is also very fitting with the fact that our latest musical productions are all straight up dancefloor stuff. 4 to the floor, baby!

So, there was Breakdance, that mad Gabber-dancing, Krump, Chicken Noodle Soup, and now this, TEKTONIK. Obviously you need to be really young and French with a mullet and super-skinny girls jeans in order to do it, mind you.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wireless Fantasy

Or something like that has now come true. Apple has this new thingie called Time Capsule" which is basically a hard drive thats connected to your mac via wi-fi. So no more cords and boxes around the room, just stick this under your bed or in the closet and with Time Machine you have automatic back up all the time. A simple thing, but something I've been waiting for a couple of years. Yeah, you could have built such a system by yourself, but once again Apple makes it easy. And for the price... It ain't cheap, but then again not too expensive in my taste either. >

Critically massive in SF

I'll be spending two weeks at the end of this month in San Francisco (yeah, not "Frisco" as you should know). I'm quite hyped about the trip because it's the spot where mountain biking was born (Marin County big up), and the bay area has always been interesting musically from the dreadful hippie times to the trash metal (Death Angel big up) scene, berkeley punkxx (Green Day big up)and modern hyphy movement (E-40 big up) and of course it's the the home town of our cool buddy, Buddy Leezle. And not to forget that Journey was a local group as well, and they also dedicated the song "Lights" to the foggy city.

And I also realized that I'll be there on the last friday of April. You know whut that means? I'll try to attend or at least witness the Critical Mass in the very spot where it all started. Yeah, that means lots of cyclists and cycle-enthusiasists will once again be reclaiming the streets. Well, I'm not sure if that all so positive, because it gets really violent sometimes, like when annoyed car drivers start attacking the cyclists, who strike back with their u-locks and such.But it's for a good cause. Like Jzzi just said before, we're all treehuggers here.