Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No more Cum On Feel The Noize! Kevin DuBrow R.I.P.

So maybe you read this sad news already but  yeah, one more 1980s L.A. Glam rocker is no more.  Quiet Riot's vocalist Kevin DuBrow was found dead yesterday in his home in Las Vegas. He was 52. 

What can I say? I used to be fan when I first started listening to metal music back in mid 1980s, he had a super cool voice. One of the first riffs I learned to play on electric guitar was Quiet Riot's 'Metal Health (Band Your Head)'. It was that easy, yet cool too. 

I guess the real C.S.I. Las Vegas dudes get to do the autopsy and find out about the why and the what. 

Don't localize, plz

One of those little things that don't work is when online services get localized. This time it's MySpace. I mean, a cool service, still needed in the music community but now this. So when you're from Finland, you get the whole user interface in finnish. Which is cool, if all the content on the page is in the same language, but when it's not, it doesn't work. Sorry.

And think about the swedish talking minority here - it's a bilingual country, so all those swedish talking guys behind a finnish IP-address are now confused and reaching for their dictionaries. What does "ystävää" mean? Vad är det här, jag förstår inte, Staffan!!! Hjälp!

Check out. Kriton High Space

Friday, November 23, 2007

Digital Dan, the coolest guy ever

Last week I attended SIME-conference in Stocholm and one of the speakers was Dan Dubno, AKA Digital Dan . I didn't know of this guy, he's a former CBS News reporter who specialized in new gagdets and techie-stuff. He no longer works for CBS, but you can view some clips of Gizmorama here.

Anyways, this guy is the coolest dude ever. First of all he announced that his favourite hobby is blowing up things (!) and that he once set a lake on fire. And he then showed his t-shirt, that had a build in applause-o-meter that showed the audience reactions in classic VU-meter style. On the front of his t-shirt!!! How interactive and cool ist that??!!!! And among many things he introduced

- talking pill boxes
- IR binoculars
- 3d printers
- plastic forks that dissapear after you use them
- interactive newspapers / tablets (like from the movie Minority Report)

This guy is the gizmo-god. I pay muchos respect to him.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Steal This Garment.

While browsing the Turntable Lab's weekly spam email I just happened to notice that FUCT has reissued some of their classic t-shirt designs. Well, while this kind of nostalgia is of course totally lame, I simply cannot but to dig it. After all, I'm already stuck fashion-wise in the 1990s of my youth anyway.

Back in the mid-1990s and during the huge skatewear boom FUCT somehow managed to stand apart and keep a bit subversive, as opposed to every other brand. They had cool designs which, at least of them, you didn't really feel like wearing in the company of your aunties and grandparents. They were clever, and not banally tasteless and stupid like all the shitty brands that copied them later, Pornstar being probably the worst example.

I still have warm feelings for my good old "Kill People. Not Animals." -tee. 
Many (even young) people took that one surprisingly seriously at the time: 

"Are you some kind of animal rights activist, or something?" 

Suckers. It worked. 

Respect. Which is easy to say as I now can afford to pay 38 USD for a t-shirt, if I want to. But do they still have that classic "STEAL THIS GARMENT" printed in the back of the label? 
I hope they do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'd Rather Jack... Well Not Really

I'd rather Fleetwood Mac. Than Jack, just so you know.

And actually I did. Alhtough "Rhiannon" is by far one of my favorite Mac-tunes, i still did a remix of it. Well actually it's a completely new track that just samples Rhiannon's divine guitar riff. Anthemic spacey shit, with a slight italo vibe. Produced by Alppila of Kriton fame.

So now "Will You Ever Win" (the title is taken from the closed caption bit in FM's original Rhiannon single release... so as a single it was called "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)") is doing damage in the Kriton MySpace player. And if you dont tell anone, you just might be able to download it from here.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Greg On A Schwinn.

Watch out for this mean dudester!

Monday, November 05, 2007

So friggin' beautiful back then, wasn't it?

We've discussed here of some of the bands that we Kriton boys have played in. There have been quite a few different bands from Sideffect's melodic punk to Chunking Dwee & Twat Juice Dwindler's funk rock to emorock of Genius Breed and Duplo's garage rock to Down My Throat's hardcore metal to Mighty Mullet's 70's/80's heavyrock covers to name a few. But what we all share is the past in the band Belmondo. Yepp, and now it's on Youtube, check out these vids: