Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I can feel it

...In the air tonight. Phil Collins is the king. I had to get the "Face Value" album as soon as I got back from my trip to Italy, 'cos they played "In the air tonight" it sooo loud while we were hanging out at the pool. And at that moment the song got a really new meaning to me. I used to dig this song before (hear Kriton's remix of T.I.'s Why you wanna, and you'll find some familiar chord changes there... ), but I had never listened to it at this volume. Really, this song is at the same time the coolest chill out song (as in Miami Vice, you remember...) and a banging tune as well.

And what makes the song interesting is the urban legend about the lyrics as well:

"An urban legend has arisen around "In the Air Tonight". According to the legend, the lyrics are based on a tragic event Collins witnessed, usually a drowning (as in the song's lyrics), in which a man could have helped the victim, but did not do so. A common ending is that Collins invites this man to a show and sings the song to him, often with a spotlight pointed at him. Afterward, the man is arrested or, in some versions, is wracked with guilt and commits suicide. "

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Duffle Bag Boys

I admit it. I haven't posted new music on this blog every week, like i said i would. It's my damn summer vacation. I don't have time for all that.

But, right now i have. My bags are packed and the plane is ready to leave for sunnier regions after a couple of hours of sleep.
So here you have the extra-slept-on Playaz Circle, new stuff from Ludacris' DTP label. The track is called "Duffle Bag Boys" and it's hot.

Playaz Circle: Duffle Bag Boys (320 kbs)

And by the way, duffle bags rule!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hang ten!

I've always been digging skateboarding culture. I mean I tried it in the mid 80's but I realized I needed a lot of rehearsing to master this sport and I chose music instead. But then again I really fell into it in the early nineties, when I discovered hardcore and punk of that time, and this all was kinda connected with skating. I used to hang around skate spots and read Trasher, vear Vans shoes, Gullwing t-shirts and blast Gorilla Bisquits or Descendents outta my boom box. Musically these times were very interesting, 'cos we used to mix some westcoast gansta stuff (NWA rocked) with some speed metal (Slayer) as well. Talk about variety...

But back to skateboarding. This summer I'm gonna learn the sport. I'm not gonna break bones with no small trick board, I'm gonna concentrate on cruising, carving and slow down hill riding with my new longboard, which should arrive any day now. 'Cos I sport style in the first place, I had to order it abroad, the ones available here were filled with modern surf graphics that didn't please my demanding eye. I went for pintail (of course) and simple design, like.... hmmm. yuh know, old skool?

Once I get by board I'll be reporting here, how my skills develope. Until then, skateboarders unite!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wild Harmaakarhu spotted in Helsinki!

This blog has been about a lot of things, from consumer electronics to latest music rumours. We’ve written about luxury food and different types of beers that we support and diss, but I guess this is the first time we go into deep R&D in the drink section.

Last nite we had a little get-together among friends to celebrate my baby grrrl’s 1 st b-day. While opening presents and banging Spindbad’s cool 80’s mixtape we also experimented with some beverages. The outcome of this R&D session was Harmaakarhu AKA Grizzly. This simple refreshing drink resembles Clara or Shandy but it’s a bit more sour. So what is it you must be asking?

You could ask the bartender to give you a large, preferably a chilled glass and start filling it with:

• 1/3 Ice cubes
• 1/3 Karhu-beer
• 1/3 Lonkero (aka Harmaa, aka Gin Long Drink. A ready mixture of gin and grape juice, a strictly finnish thang)

You mix the ingredients and enjoy. It’s a purrrfect summer drink. And when the night approaches, you could add some extra gin to get your booty in the moody. Let Harmaakarhu take over!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


It's out. Leaked on 'teh internets'. What?

It's here.

Smashing Pumpkins' new album, 'Zeitgeist'. And Shepard Fairey made the cover art.
But is it any good?

Straight out the Freezer

Every once in a while I think about blogging new music on this page. it's like one of those things that got me excited about blogging in the first place. Also beacause i like to read other people bloggin about new ish they like.

But it's not so simple. Because i write about music for a living, it kinda gets too boring sometimes, that i don't really wanna do it in my spare time. But now, it's summer vacation, so i'll try and make a "new years resolution": i'll try and blog some new stuff that's hot at least once a week. Let's see how that goes...

Anyway, here's the new Freeway track "Big Spender" with uncle Hova on the feat. This banger is just toooooo hot. The beat is by Dame Grease, i think, and it samples Shirley Bassey's "Big Spender". The Philly Freezer is on fire and Hova''s not too bad either. In fact, this sounds like the Roc/ State Prop never fell apart in the first place. Put yo diamond signs and roca-chains in the air, "Free At Last" (the long awaited new album, to say the least) is gonna be hotter than Kanye's "Graduation". If it ever comes out.

Freeway feat Jay-Z: Big Spender