Saturday, July 21, 2007

Duffle Bag Boys

I admit it. I haven't posted new music on this blog every week, like i said i would. It's my damn summer vacation. I don't have time for all that.

But, right now i have. My bags are packed and the plane is ready to leave for sunnier regions after a couple of hours of sleep.
So here you have the extra-slept-on Playaz Circle, new stuff from Ludacris' DTP label. The track is called "Duffle Bag Boys" and it's hot.

Playaz Circle: Duffle Bag Boys (320 kbs)

And by the way, duffle bags rule!


Anonymous said...

damn, it's hot here in italy. I haven't heard this song yet, 'cos i'm sweatin my ass to thumpin italo disco. Not.

Hennyman said...

i got's me a camouflage Nike duffle bag to carry my stuff around. i likes it.

Fiil Inc said...

Damn! Some of us Kriton boys are seriously getting into a lot of italo disco and duffle bags (italian designer's ones too!). Even if they ain't in italy anymore.