Friday, February 29, 2008

The Recreational Drug of Choice in Helsinki: Khat ???

If you look at the title box of of this blog up above, we promise to bring you news from the HKI underground. Well, here's something you should be hip to right about now:

Apparently Khat, the mildly amphetamite-like stimulant, has finally landed up here up in the north, as introduced and used mainly by part of the local Somali-community. The proof of this is the fact even the Finnish cops and the customs officers are now hip to this new threat to our society and, quite surprisingly they've even actually managed to catch some smugglers. 

Someone, who was busted, got 3 years and 6 months jail-time after admitting having organized smuggling of some 4200 kgs (or probably way more than that) into Finland ... from UK, where Khat is not even illegal, actually. 

Well done boys, you've earned your meagre salaries. Now go home and drink that friday bottle of vodka and feel good about yourself, you've succeeded in getting some of them DEADLY DRUGZ of the streets. World is better and safer place again. 

No, but seriously now: 
if the common knowledge is that the Police and Customs (and they admit this themselves!) manage to confiscate approximately only less that 10% of all illegal drugs smuggled into the country, what does this mean? 

Then last year at very least 40 000 kilos of Khat was consumed in Finland. Hmmmm....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cool Kids: Black Mags - black dudes in skinny jeans & bmxes'

Here we go, another thing combining stuff we love; bikes, hip hop and radical social commentary on the state of the world in which we live in (by focusing on current male fashion trends).

Go ahead and check out the notorious clip Henny's last post was talking about.

You will see, for the first time since 1980s, a black dude rapping AND wearing skinny jeans. That's the sign of the times for you. Such a bold fashion statement. And I do like the upside down visor hat too.

"Dyno with the Black Mags..."

Coming up in the second part, sometime next week;
 'What is he talking about? What Dyno? Black Mags...?'

Cooking with Barbie & The Elves.

This picture needs no explanation. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is it ok to wear tight jeans?...Ask the doctor

I used to luv Dr Jay's while visiting Fulton Street in Brooklyn. The only problem for me usually was that the sizes were reeeeaaally big, I mean 5XL was the standard. But this is no more a problem, 'cos u can order via their website and they deliver to Finland as well and they seem to have smaller sizes there as well (maybe for the skinny north europeans and super skinny east-europeans?)

But I found out Dr Jay's Blogon the site and I was surprized. I mean there was a time when NYC stood for baggy jeans, but is that so anymore? Is it really ok for guys to wear tight jeans?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Whatever happened to Turntablism?

Once upon a time (in 1990s if I remember correctly) there used to be this really really really trendy thing called 'Turntablism'.

Scratch DJs, or better yet 'Turntablists', used to be heroes of teenage kids dreaming about getting Technics SL1200s for Xmas looked up to. But somehow everyone seems to have collectively forgotten about that, or is everyone maybe just in denial? Also, the market value of (often trashed to death) turntables sees to have dropped near zero.  

Well, who cares because the video clip posted above proves that like Japan's DJ Tucker, you can still use the words 'interesting' and 'scratch DJ' it the same sentence, if you have an organ, that is. That's called evolution, I guess. 

Is that just an illustrative example showing how stupid it is when the turntablists claim that they are 'playing their decks like instruments'? I mean, obviously the sounds that come out of the organ as Dj Tucker rocks it are not the most musical ones in the conventional sense of the word. So if that's what scratching is when transferred to a real instrument, then, like even a half paralyzed deaf & mute one-handed person could probably do that, right? 

So maybe better keep scratching 'em vinyls instead, mmmkay? 

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I dig Obama too, but this is cheesy

You all know Obama Grrrrl's "crush on obama" -video, which was cool, catchy and reminded me a lot of a certain T-Pain song. But this time Will.I.Am. goes and puts out his own tribute to Mr. Barack. I ain't dissing Will here, but c'mon.... he's got Common and John Legend there to back him up, but the song is soooooo cheeessyyyyyyy...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Chavy Boys Of Burb-more?

well, actually theyre called Chavy Boys Of London, better yet.

Famed Bmore producers' Scottie B, King Tutt and Shawn Caesar's "bmore supergroup" may have redonkalous name, but their music sounds hella dope. New EP out on Money Lotion (TTL) and here's "Zoey Jawn"

and BTW, that name has some real-life base as well, since Scottie B explained that he made all the basic tracks to these joints while staying in London...

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Best Blend, like evah, dude!

Everyone knows blends (or mashups, or just remixes, like they actually used to be called - before all the American hiphop DJs knew about you could even do this... yes you might be denial but 'tis da truth) are the hot shit right now and therefore everyone with a computer is now making them. And as a consequence about 99.7% of them tend to be just pure shite.

So, while that "Riding Fixy" in the post below made me cry, seeing & hearing this one above made me laugh. Hard and long. It's so good.

It's also upping the game a huge step. Seriously. I mean, no mismatched vocals on a wrong key and a skipping beat loop but rather they've had Glen Danzig (or someone) actually singing on it. 

"Yea, that's right! One foot, motherfucker!"

Ok, here we go. I got it right here, behind a link to MySpace. A almost too perfect combination of all the stuff our blog has been made of lately, hip hop blends and fixed gear bikes.

It's really really really mind boggling. Or just plain ridiculous.

Check out MC Rush Hour: Ridin' Fixy, it's on his player right now.

And be ready to sing, you know the tune. All together now:

"They see my chainring / They hatin' / No-handed trackstanding

Trying to catch me ridin' fixy / Trying to catch me ridin' fixy 

Won't see me coastin' / or brakin'

Trying to catch me ridin' fixy / Trying to catch me ridin' fixy "

I'm sure his gold anodized Sugino 75 track chainring is really bling but a 'Fixy' ?!


Now here's the lyric in full for yo'all:

"They see my chainring
They hating
they know that I be ridin' fixy
Try to catch me ridin' fixy ...

Won't see me coastin'
or brakin'
you trippin' if you think I'll quit ridin' fixy
Try to catch me ridin' fixy ...

Y'all fools gonna make me do it
Trackstand at the light in front of your Buick
Mothafuckas wanna run me off the road
I'll grab my lock, take a swing and make your window explode
You might see me out ridin' with my club
We roll about 20 then we hit the pub
Chillin' out drinkin' beers til we can't see straight
Hit the streets with a lean why you suckas gotta hate
'Cuz you know we crazy like lunatics
We got no brakes but we still do skids
Got them bitches in lycra throwin' fits
Doing tricks in the park like a bunch of kids
Circle backwards: you can't hang with this
No-handed skid, now you gettin' pissed
Gotta fat chrome bag hangin' on my back
with some spare intertubes and a cold six pack
Alleycat race, now I'm ridin' fast
You freewheel hoes gonna finish last
Comin' up on your left, now I'm gonna pass
Won't see me coastin' or draggin' ass
Brooks on my jock be fittin' tight
40 oz in my left, bullhorns in my right
Cuttin' through traffic, got the haters cussin'
Rollin' past the fuckin' po-po like it's nothin'.


We been critical massin'
Blockin' the street so your car ain't passin'
Now I'm shitfaced off the 2-for-1s
Drinkin' double long islands means double the fun
Now we back on the street and we bringin' the game
Titanium wheels on my steel frame
48 up front, 15 in the back
Gotta tackle this hill
Won't be cuttin' no slack
Now I'm comin' back down,
leg over the bars.
Skiddin' long, one hand flippin' off the cars
Skid patch smokin' like a big ol' blunt
Gotta shift my weight to get more up front
Pop my foot back into the clip
and I gotta put my hand back down on the grip
Nitto bars be shinin' like a gem
Chrome seatpost with matchin' stem
*with no regard for your cars we dodge em like fuck 'em all*
Don't push us too far...
step out your car, and we'll have a brawl
We gotta right to ride
So step aside
Unless you want my SPDs applied
To your doors, your fenders and then your grille
Fuck with my fixy and you'll get killed..."