Thursday, March 29, 2007

"No, I won't be Christina Aguilera"

Whoosh, i'm finally posting this. yes, the Snoop/Diddy press, from march 9th in Helsinki, that i've been about to post ever since it happened.
But now, just to break the much too long radio silence in the kriton blog. Above you see mister Broadus and Combs in their press. and yes, that crap photo is taken by yourz truly.

Here's some of the best bits by bigg Snoop. Enjoy it, nephew!


"I stay ready so i aint gotta get ready. I personally try and always stay ready. I keep my guns loaded all times. Not real guns though"


"why do we need to make diss records, when we could focus to make hit records. Those who last long, those like Puff and myself, those who make hit records, we dont build on a catalogue of diss records, saying i dont like you, i hate this rapper. "


"We're live and you see us both together and you see us both having a good time, doing each other’s songs. "

Journalist: ...And you’ll be Christina Aguilera (as in Diddy's hit single "Tell Me")

"I won’t be Christina Aguilera. Unless she grew a nine inch dick on her."


"Hiphop brings all aspects of the worlds together. You can take away rock’n’roll, you can take away country music, you can take away any style of music that you want to, except hiphop. The minute you take hiphop away from the world, you have no sponsorships, no commercials, no sports, you have no nothing. We’re the only style of music that brings all world together. Look at you all mothafuckas. Don’t none of you look alike. But ya’ll here for one reason: cos you love and respect hiphop. Ya’ll wanna get some conversation with 2 of the most dominant hiphop artists in the game pf all times, so i feel like the music that we make, if we didnt make it the world wouldn't move. "


"this man (Puffy) employs maybe 500-1000 people, i do the same thing. Anytime you see a hiphop artist make it, you never see him by himself you never see him thinking for himself. You see him looking out for his whole team. "


Journalist: You have crossed over from music to movies, clothing...

Snoop: "...Bitches..."


"I aint good at not crackin a bitch. I mean, when its time to crack a bitch, that’s just some of the easiest shit in the world to me. And i have never been not good at that. "


Snoop. Man, he's still the man.

-- fiil inc --

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We on it, just like everyone else. Horns from Chi-Town

Oh, we must not sleep on this one.

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, straight outta Chi-Town. So hot! Funky horns and gritty drums. This reminds me of the time I stole a trumpet from my school's music class 'cos I wanted to learn to play it but I only managed to learn only the three first notes of the MacGyver theme song.

However, I did return the horn later when my mom found it and started to ask me difficult questions, like where I got it from...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dubplates, fresh cut, special price, home delivery!

If you're wondering what you should buy for that special person for his/hers birthday, look no further. Dr Dub can cut a full length vinyl record for 29 euros per piece using your mp3/wav/aiff files or such. That's an ideal gift for anyone: put your favourite Kriton traxx on one hot mutha, give it to the local dj and go dance the night away with your loved one!

My german is not too good, so I should get a dictionary to get into this in more detail, but I think it sounds like a good deal. And my birthday's coming up soon...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Learn to dance and get to know the history of Techno in three minutes.

Are looking for new dance moves, you want to have “a personal style”, looking for new fashion tips & dress sense, hair style, are you already bored with all that New Rave crap? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, look no further. In order to get new ideas it’s always good to look back a lil’ bit. Yo, this video shows you how to do it on the floor. Mad styles, yo’all.

It’s a clip from 1982 TV dance program The Scene with some folks getting down to The Seminal Motor City Electro/Synth/Proto-Techno track: A Number of Names: ‘Shari Vari’. It’s also THE TRACK many people claimed to have spawned alone whole Detroit Techno way back in 1981, even if it is not as know as many other classic electro tracks of the time. As the urban lore goes, that track apparently had whole underground sub-culture around it in Detroit with the special style of clothing etc., much inspired by everything European at the time. The Lyric is the key here, and you can sing along with it too:

"Some bread and cheese and fine white wine
Designer chic is a matter of time
Could this be the real thing?
Or is this just another fling?
Seen by millions nationally
L'oumo Vogue, Playgirl, G Quarterly
Because he's down on his etiquette
Shari Vari is really it

Smoking on his cigarette
Listening to his car cassette
Cruising with his hot playmate
In his Porsche Nine Two Eight
Heading for the highest heights
For the climax of the night
The people there they just won't quit
Because the music's really it"

And hey Timbaland, do I hear a very familiar sounding arpeggio there, do I?

Second 'hey', the token white dude with snake like agility in hips who comes on at around 1.22 point in the video looks scarily like Napoleon Dynamite in the famous dance scene, doesn't he?

If you want to see more, look here for a similar performance to the beat of other true classic, sampled by everyone, Kano: 'Are You Ready?’.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Snoop Dogg arrested in Stockholm...

News from Sweden:

"The American rap artist Snoop Dogg was arrested in central Stockholm on Sunday night on suspicion of minor drugs offences.

At around 1.30am the star and a 23 year old woman were taken to a police station in the Södermalm area of the city, where they provided urine samples.

"The people we arrested showed clear signs of being under the influence of narcotics," said Lars-Erik Baarsen at Södermalm police to Aftonbladet.

Snoop Dogg performed on Sunday evening at the Stockholm venue Globen, along with fellow rapper P Diddy.

After the concert he was due to attend a party at the Scandic Anglais hotel in Stockholm's Stureplan - but he never made it to the bash. In what appeared to be a planned raid, the star's car was stopped with several others by police on Centralbron, a bridge in the city.

Earlier in the evening, according to newspaper Aftonbladet, a room at the Grand Hotel, where Snoop Dogg was staying, was searched by police.

On Monday morning the 35 year old star, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, was released.

"He is said to have behaved appropriately. Now the prosecutor can proceed with this. It's usually a fine," said Lena Baaki, Södermalm police spokesman, to TT.

The fine for a minor offence is usually based on the individual's earnings.

It is not the first time Snoop Dogg has been in trouble with the Swedish authorities. In summmer 2005 the American rapper caused a stir when he showed a soft porn film before his concert at the Hultsfred festival."

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Lauttasaari Clan Is Nuthin' to F**k Wit

Our academic friend had some nice incidents this morning (read below), but they all seemed to fit the particular place of Helsinki. My last saturday night had some elements that did not fit in their place.

I live in Lauttasaari, which is the equivalent of Staten Island NYC or such. I mean it's a reeeeaally quiet suburb on an island near the centre of Helsinki. Most of it's habitants are elderly people or families, not exactly a real favela in my opinion. A place where sex and drugs and rockn'roll a frowned upon.

Well, last saturday me and the misses had a pleasant nite out, some dining and cinematographic experiences. Once we were returning home we were passed by one, two, three, four, five or more cop cars. We kept joking that they could give us a ride home once they were heading about the same way. Ten minutes later we got home to find out that these cars had actually surrounded our house. According to the paper, there were 14 police units on the scene and the officer in charge tried to deny our access home. Apparently some guy had fired his handgun several times just a few meters from our building. The cop was reluctant to give me any more info on the subject, but it was pretty clear that there was some real threat - I mean I have never seen that many coppers on the Island.

After some discussion the nice officer let us enter our building and we could could carry on analyzing the situation from our living room.

I must say that the cops handled the situation well, they got the bad guy and so on. But the local C.S.I. -team was sloppy. I didn't see any proper crime scene investigation what so ever. Where is Gil Grissom when you need him.

My Monday Morning in Three Episodes

Ok, here we go. I feel the need to tell about how my Monday morning started today. I am doing this by recounting three episodes of life in my hood, Vallila and Sörnäinen districts of northeastern inner city of Helsinki. Everything happened within less than one hours' time.

1.) After having my morning coffee I kiss my baby girl and my baby-momma goodbye and leave my house around ten o'clock to go to work at the university downtown. I take a tram #7 but the first people I meet at the tram stop are this junkie couple in their thirties. They look kinda ok, except that their fashion sense is stuck on 1993 and they are all skinny and pale and trembling , quiet and spaced-out, and they have that creepy Skeletor look with dark eyes deep in their sockers etc. on them. I hope they were on their way to the needle exchange place in Hakaniemi, for their own good. Nothing so special about seeing junkies out & about on the streets of Kallio/Sörnäinen/Vallila but somehow this set the mood of the morning for me.

2.) Before going to work I visit the local Post Office in Kurvi, Sörnäinen to drop off a effect pedal I just sold on rather succesfully on Ebay but at the counter I realize that I left my wallet home and I need to go back home. There was also a freaky looking super-pale, skinny and dirty Heavy Metal dude in black leather outfit hanging around in the post office. He looked like he is planning a hold-up, or something. I head back home.

When I got back in to the tram #7 at my stop the second time to get back to the Post Office, there is another young couple sitting in the back. They look kinda normal, except for the fact that the dude is packing, and very openly too, a good old Missisippi Corn Cob pipe with a seriously heavy load of hashish & tobacco mixture. When they get off, I see the dude lighting the hash pipe immediately. I also see them heading off to the direction of the municipal Bailiff's Office.

3.) Next, when I finally get out of the Post Office the second time after sending the pedal, I see the old guy in red winter coat, as pictured above. He is trying to get over the Hämeentie, a big street with busy fast traffic, but he is so wasted that he cannot stand up, let alone walk. He falls down, rolls on the muddy street, tries to get up, his feet don't carry him, and he falls down again, rolls almost on to the tram tracks and finally ends up just sitting on the ground. I am scared that will get run over by a tram or a buss and I actually call the cops to come pick him up. The police sound very bored on the phone. Then someone helps the old guy a bit and drags his ass away from the car lane and the cops arrive pretty soon. I take my tram and go to work.

Friday, March 02, 2007

This is why we're hot!

Good news for all Mims fans. His "This Is Why I'm Hot" single went from last weeks 32 nd position straight to number one. And I'm talking Billboard charts here, baby!

We here at Kriton Music know who's the man, and who's gonna rule the charts. That's why we've had a remix version of Mims' chart topper for a quite some time already. The og beat is awesome, but we wanted to make one with some twanging guitars and fat bass. Check it out by downloading your copy from here!

Spend it like Beckham

According to Sky TV Victoria Beckham and her ball chasing metro sexual hubby are one of the worst enemies of mama earth. This couple has been chosen as the most unecological celebrities, for they have spent their cheese, gouda and kraft in the most unethical way for the terra.

It was reported that The Posh Posse..
- has 15 cars
- is looking for their 5th house at the moment
- released 15 000 kg of carbondioxide to air last year alone

So what. I guess there are much worse celebrities in the world than this. I mean 15 cars… That’s nothing compared to real playaz, I bet Jay Z has bought 15 cars to his mom alone…

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I likeee.... guitars!

I like electric guitars, a lot. So do I like this like 12 times or what? I am not sure but it really looks great. Pity that I have always hated stratocasters as the most boring guitar there is. Anyhow, the 12-neck Stratocaster in the picture is apparently functional too. It's built by Japanese contemporary artist Yoshihiko Satoh, who had been building other cool stuff too, click here and check this out too