Friday, March 02, 2007

Spend it like Beckham

According to Sky TV Victoria Beckham and her ball chasing metro sexual hubby are one of the worst enemies of mama earth. This couple has been chosen as the most unecological celebrities, for they have spent their cheese, gouda and kraft in the most unethical way for the terra.

It was reported that The Posh Posse..
- has 15 cars
- is looking for their 5th house at the moment
- released 15 000 kg of carbondioxide to air last year alone

So what. I guess there are much worse celebrities in the world than this. I mean 15 cars… That’s nothing compared to real playaz, I bet Jay Z has bought 15 cars to his mom alone…


Anonymous said...

I understood that the Beckhams' un-ecologicalness is mostly due to them flying around with their private-jet like there was no tomorrow. fuck em.

it would be better for everyone if they took a Titanic-style boat instead and spend 8 months every year sailing on the boat between whatever countries they would like to visit.

Anonymous said...

Actually flying IS really bad fi the environment. It has been calculated that one person flying from Finland to let's say Italy and back 4 a holiday is roughly as bad for the environment as that person driving his/hers car for a whole year (not just for the fuel used but all the energy that has been used to build the plane and so on). So remember that when you go dissing all those fat ass SUV drivers, you travellers. Maybe we should start a movement against travellers?

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure a lot of it has got to do with all that stinky hairspray that the metrosexual baller is spraying in that ugly-ass hairdo of his every day.

fiil incubus

Anonymous said...

nothing against all the SUVs, because they are lovely but that building a new big car eats up lots natural resources as well. and how many people can travel in a one big jet-plane, against the 1,2 passengers that travel in a car on average?

Anonymous said...

... basically comparing aeroplanes to SUVs this way is bit useless, right?

It's like comparing heroine to hashish, both will get you high but they aren't really the same thing, are they?

Hennyman said...

The SUV - Aeroplane comparison was made PER PERSON. In the estimate the effect on the environment was divided by the average number of passengers. In an aeroplane it could be like 100 and in a SUV more like 1.2. But this is a rough estimate, it's actually impossible to calculate this effect in any real detail.

The whole point of the comparison was to see how different modes of transportation destroy our nature. Bikes and trains are pretty good, but it is often forgotten by the neo hippies that their yearly trip to vietnam by plane is actually really not good for our planet