Thursday, March 29, 2007

"No, I won't be Christina Aguilera"

Whoosh, i'm finally posting this. yes, the Snoop/Diddy press, from march 9th in Helsinki, that i've been about to post ever since it happened.
But now, just to break the much too long radio silence in the kriton blog. Above you see mister Broadus and Combs in their press. and yes, that crap photo is taken by yourz truly.

Here's some of the best bits by bigg Snoop. Enjoy it, nephew!


"I stay ready so i aint gotta get ready. I personally try and always stay ready. I keep my guns loaded all times. Not real guns though"


"why do we need to make diss records, when we could focus to make hit records. Those who last long, those like Puff and myself, those who make hit records, we dont build on a catalogue of diss records, saying i dont like you, i hate this rapper. "


"We're live and you see us both together and you see us both having a good time, doing each other’s songs. "

Journalist: ...And you’ll be Christina Aguilera (as in Diddy's hit single "Tell Me")

"I won’t be Christina Aguilera. Unless she grew a nine inch dick on her."


"Hiphop brings all aspects of the worlds together. You can take away rock’n’roll, you can take away country music, you can take away any style of music that you want to, except hiphop. The minute you take hiphop away from the world, you have no sponsorships, no commercials, no sports, you have no nothing. We’re the only style of music that brings all world together. Look at you all mothafuckas. Don’t none of you look alike. But ya’ll here for one reason: cos you love and respect hiphop. Ya’ll wanna get some conversation with 2 of the most dominant hiphop artists in the game pf all times, so i feel like the music that we make, if we didnt make it the world wouldn't move. "


"this man (Puffy) employs maybe 500-1000 people, i do the same thing. Anytime you see a hiphop artist make it, you never see him by himself you never see him thinking for himself. You see him looking out for his whole team. "


Journalist: You have crossed over from music to movies, clothing...

Snoop: "...Bitches..."


"I aint good at not crackin a bitch. I mean, when its time to crack a bitch, that’s just some of the easiest shit in the world to me. And i have never been not good at that. "


Snoop. Man, he's still the man.

-- fiil inc --


Anonymous said...

I not surprised they arrested him in Stockholm. And decided not let me him even enter the U.K.

Anonymous said...

the uk thing is certainly not a big surprise, thinking about snoop's behaviour there recently. BUT the fuckin swedish cops are SUCH losers for busting him for weed. i mean, is smokin trees the suddenly the worst crime you can commit - IN OPEN-MINDED and TOLERANT sweden?

no wonder Nas decided to play Finland instead of sweden...

anyway, bigg snoop dogg. there is no other!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

dude, sweden was never about tolerance and open-mindedness, it's about everyone being the same in the name of oppressive equality. no one smokes dope, because it is bad, so no mr. big-rapper Snoop will not smoke dope in sweden either! or he gets thrown to jail for a night. there you go! same applied to that jackass dude. no drugs in sweden, no.

and beer is lamer too with less alcohol.