Thursday, August 31, 2006

Drunks at the newspaperstand

It’s great that all the best subcultures have their own zines. And there seems to be one out there for those who adore the almighty alcoholic beverages. Modern Drunkard is the magazine for you drunks out there. I shortly looked at the web version, and boy… they’ve got it all:

- a guide to manly drinks
- booze reviews
- wino wisdom
- guns and tequila
- drunkard of the month

I still don't think that it's actually very modern to be drunk, or is it? Is booze really the new cool?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thumbs Up fi Apple

Like all nerds know, Apple is replacing 1.8 million batteries that have been used on their Powerbook/Ibook- laptops, because they have a risk of heating up a bit too much. I just checked my serial number and Apple promises to replace my battery as well, although it's less than 6 months old. This is how all companies should work: if there is a problem, face it and do somenthing about it. I think that Apple can handle this part very well. And if you want to blame someone, blame Sony - they're the ones who made this batteries in question...

Free Music - ain't no such thaaang??

Many people keep on talking about the new internet revolution "Web 2.0" , which basically is what services GoogleMap, Flickr or Youtube and such have to offer now.

But what I find really interesting, is the key question of sharing of legal free audiovisual content on public websites, I'm not referring to p-to-p here, they're already the king s***t. We had an earlier post here about free movies and today I read an article about a new service/company called "Spiral Frog". As of december they will be offering: " ad-supported legal downloads of audio and video content licensed from the catalogs of the world’s major and independent record labels.

They're starting with Universal's catalog and they've already paid in advance to the label for the right to use their material. It's interesting to see, how these new business ideas will work, there is definately a shift in the distribution and consumption of music in the near future.

I for one believe in the ad-based business model. It offers endless possibilities for youth marketing with services like YouTube an so on. It's a win-win situation: kids get what they want for free and advertisers get an unique channel that provides an optimal media environment to engage the kids. I mean a kid who's wathing a 50 cent backstage video on the net will be most likely in a mood to get interested in the new G-Unit sneakers he will be offered at the same time...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Question: Why is it…?

You remember that old Sadat X track, “F**K DAT!”? I do. Having bit of an attitude is always good thing, it’s a survival thing if you are living a urban jungle. Letting out your anger is also good for mental health, I suppose, so here we go. Here are four irritating/stupid/fucked up things that I encountered during last weekend:

1.) Friday noon, outside my office building here in Sörnäinen AKA 'Kurvi' there was an old alcoholic/substance abuser passed out on the street. Just like that. Next to people standing around waiting for their busses and so on. Yeah, this is bit of a rough neighborhood but whatever. Fuck that.

2.) Friday evening, we were on our way to movies. In the tram there was this complete postcard punk guy with his big stupid pink mohawk-hairdo, piercings all over his face, customized leather jacked with all the necessary gear, boots & braces and whatnot. However, I simply could not help hearing while he was discussing different types of English imported ciders and their taste characteristics like a bloody connoisseur with his pal. What’s up with that? I have heard about cider punks but in my world real raw/grungy punks drink that nasty home-made alcohol (‘Kilju’) until they pass out, not snotty & expensive foreign ciders. Get a life you middle-class poser.

3.) Saturday noon, I was leaving my house and there was an old alcoholic/substance abuser passed out/sleeping by the wall of the next building from our house. While I stopped to check him out and to document the scene by taking a photo, another old drunken guy arrived and made sure that the guy on the ground was alive (he was apparently just sleeping…). The second guy thanked me for caring about my fellow man and blah blah. Whatever. Those drunks are major obstacle for increasing of the real estate prices in my hood. Not cool.

4.) Our Internet connection was not working from friday morning to sunday afternoon. That’s fucked up too. Yeah, it’s been cutting on/off a bit every once in a while but never for such a long time. Well, I called my ISP and finished the contract, since they were asking for it. Besides, it’s good to change your ISP every 6 months or so, so that you get all the good deals like 3 first monthly payments 50% off.

Monday, August 28, 2006

“ has new recommendations for you…”

Have you ever purchased books from Well, I have, several books in fact. You know how that have their system where after every book you browse you get automatic recommendations like, “other people who bought this book also liked this book” etc.? That’s neat I think, and I have ended buying books based on that too. But, and here is a big BUT, couple of days I ago sent me an email:

“XXXXXX XXXX, has new recommendations for you based on items you purchased or told us you own.

We recommend:
Romancing Mary Jane: A Year in the Life of a Failed Marijuana Grower by Michael Poole

Recommended because you purchased or rated:
* Pot Planet: Adventures in Global Marijuana Culture

Book Description
“This is an intimate, funny, and eye-opening account of ten months in the life of a neophyte marijuana grower. Entering middle age, Michael Poole decides to retire from the film industry. He moves to British Columbia and throws himself wholeheartedly into marijuana cultivation, thinking that he'll make a bundle. Along the way, he experiences all the paranoia and other vagaries of the pot farming subculture. Romancing Mary Jane is an engaging blend of metaphysics, marijuana, and midlife crisis.“

Yeah, I admit it, I did buy Pot Planet like two years ago and I did enjoy it a lot but now I am starting to feel that THEY know a little bit too much about me & my preferences…

Free Movies Fallen Out of Copyright

We already got, but here’s more free visual entertainment for yo’all, please spread the link.

Free Movies, Documentaries, Cartoons, TV-Shows, Music & Comedy - 100% handpicked content chosen to inform, educate, shock and entertain you.

Most of the old films and cartoons are in public domain: "when a work's copyright or patent restrictions expire, it enters the public domain and may be used by anyone for any purpose." -wikipedia. The newer media is probably not in public domain, so watch them while you can. Tomorrow they could be gone.

The owner of this site only finds the media and makes it visible for the masses. Nothing else. If you know of free movies not listed on this page let me know. Also, please notify of broken content.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Kelly Clarkson totally rules! Awesome, man!

Now, to celebrate the fact that the weekend is here, I got here something funny for all of you fans of Kelly Clarkson, from, or course.

Crack open a bottle of beer and click here, it’s a great video from Metal Skool’s gig where the band notice Kelly & her boyfriend in the audience and pick them up on stage, make her drink Chivas Regal whiskey out of the bottle and sing a Guns’N’Roses song & dance & act stupid with them. It’s kinda incredible stuff thinking about her public image but goes to show that she knows how to have fun like a regular person and all that.

The whole thing is 100% pure American Fun, entertaining like h*ll, and something that even Somi would probably appreciate.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gorilla Biscuits reunion

I haven't really been into hardcore punk music for like six years or so and haven't been up to date on the whole scene. So I was really surprised to read that Gorilla Biscuits (one of the best punk/hardcore bands eva) is on a reunion tour. How cool is that?

Though they might not be as hard as they used to be in the late 80's, early 90's, but they still get my full respect. I just hope the haven't gained too much weight and started drinkin' beer or anything too middle classy. It's also too bad that Sammy ain't banging the drums no more, he was one of my favourites, the guy who looked like he was 11 years old in the album covers of Youth Of Today.

GB is also recording a new album and remastering the classic "Start Today". Go youtubing and check 'em out. Youtube is great for many purposes, and it is also a great way to reminiscence the glory days of NYHC - if you're the type who likes to walk down the memory lane.

Osama Loves Whitney - and other stuff too...

You probably already read this everywhere but it is still really fascinating to get inside the head of AmeriKKKas Most Wanted man.

Stolen from’s excellent weekly newsletter:

"Kola Boof is a Sudanese poet and member of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army. She claims she was kept as a sex slave by Osama Bin Laden in Morocco in 1998. Kola tells us that Osama:

· Is a big fan of Miami Vice and McGyver
· Answers to the nickname "Somi"
· Liked her to dance naked to B52s' Rock Lobster, while he shouted at her "Dance like a Caucasoid girl!
· Respects Van Halen
· Is very good at deep sea fishing
· Liked hunting birds and wild boar
· Was obsessed by Whitney Houston

After this I don’t really get it why he hates western world? Maybe we should send Dave Lee Roth, Whitney, Don Johnson and the guy who palyed Rico Tubbs, McGyver and The B52’s to meet him and to try to chill him out a bit. They could party, go fishing and hunting together and watch old Miami Vice episodes and do all kinds of cool stuff together. Maybe 'Somi' wouldn't feel so much like blowing up aeroplanes and skyscrapers after that anymore.

It was also reported somewhere else that Osama thought that Whitney is the most beautiful woman in the world and he was very much concerned with Whitney's apparent drug problems, which he felt were caused by American culture and her husband Bobby Brown. And because Bobby had 'brainwashed' Whitney, Osama even threatened to have Bobby Brown assasinated. Osama also wanted to give Whitney as a present a villa he owns in Khartoum, Sudan.

Monday, August 21, 2006

It’s All About Elvis’ House. Uri Geller (Needs) To Strike Back. Hard!

I just read news about how the legendary Spoon Bender from the 1970s and also one of Michael Jackson’s best friends, magician Uri Geller is caught up in a court case with Ebay and involving Elvis Presley’s former home. This is the house which Elvis apparently bought with his first royalty check and where lived, although only for 13 months, with his parents and grand mother before he moved to Graceland.

Some facts about the house here:

“Elvis Presley bought the four-bedroom, two-bath house at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis, Tennesee, in 1956 with a down payment of $500. During his time in the white, ranch-style house with an outdoor swimming pool, Presley's career took off with hits such as "All Shook Up" and "Don't be cruel."

“Part of the legend is that the neighbors did not like Elvis. Some of the neighbors were said to regard the Presleys as “white trash, hillbillies.” Or they viewed his performances as crude, or sinful. Apparently not everyone on Audubon Drive shared those views. A few of the surviving neighbors are careful to explain that they liked the family, but did not like the noise and confusion surrounding them.”.

Apparently Mr. Geller placed a winning bid of 905 100 US dollars for house on Ebay in May. However, when Geller and his lawyers demanded that the current owners and residents had to get out of the house within two months’ time they cancelled the deal and sold the house again, this time directly to a record producer Mike Curb, who paid them one million dollars for the house.

Now Geller is mad and is demanding compensation since when you are selling something on Ebay you are under a binding contract to sell etc. Never mind whether Geller really needs any monetary compensation - he is apparently filthy rich - but I am still on his side. People who cheat on online-auctions suck. And I personally would be very careful not to piss off a magician.

Go Uri! Punish them! At least you can bend all of those stupid people’s teaspoons for revenge!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Boycott Koff now!!

Earlier I stated that this blog has been getting too political and socially conscious and that we should discuss more "earthly" subjects. So here we go, let's talk about beer.

Koff Brewery informed us earlier this year that they will bring Brooklyn Lager to Finland during the early summer. This was something that we the Kriton Posse really waited for, because we're all newyorkers inside. But to a great surprise, we couln't find any BL anywehere during the whole friggin' summer. These guys at Koff know a thing or two about marketing beer to the "youthful" segment (they brought 50 cent and Foo Fighters to play exclusive shows) but this time they have stepped over the line and made a promise they couldn't keep. That is something we the consumers can not tolerate, they have not even given us a proper explanation for all this. WHERE IS F*** IS MR KOFF AT WITH MY BL?

So this is a start of an official boycott - a true case of consumer empowerment. I will not purchase any Koff beer until we get Brooklyn Lager to the shops like promised. And I will ask for all you decent BL-lovin' criminals to join me.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Got my Vans on, but they look like sneakers

Uniform choice has always been one of the most important things in all youth subcultures since 1950's or so. You gotta show your peeps that your're a) just like them and b) nothing like all the others. This is the common ambivalent function of fashion that sociologists have been blubbering about since the birth of Frankfurt School.

Last weekend I went to an alternative music festival and I realized that the checkered Vans seem to be the official shoe of choice for neopunk/emo kids. I mean, like 75 % of them had their Vans on(see pic above). I guess that's ok, 'cos I've always been into Vans and the "dogtown"/ and 70's to 80's skateboard thing. But as I am not a neopunk kid (thank lord) I therefore can't been caught wearing the checkered Vans any day soon. I guess I'm more like a Nike guy nowadays, quite unlike The Pack would say:

"Man, we be sportin vans and we throw away Nikes
If u wanna get right, stop buyin those Nikes "

Friday, August 11, 2006

It's a reeeeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiix

Yes! Kriton's back in the building! After a long summer we finally got together to work on out new Remix/Mixtape/Blend-project. We've all been doing music by ourselves for the last few months, but yesterday all three of us hooked up in the Alppilounge studio and I must say the material we made yesterday was too hot to handle.

I won't reveal all of those songs we're gonna remix, but let's say that asome ATL rocking kings and some Bay Area old timers and some NYC-area smooth talkers are soon getting remixed in a totally Kriton style. Last nite we managed to create some wicked beats that had that Miami Vice and "In the air tonight meets pink flamingos" - kinda vibe. We'll report here how the remix-project goes on, and maybe we'll provide some sound samples as well. Things might get a bit weird when we start sampling Sonic Youth and grab our electric basses and mix that with some crunk accapellas. Or maybe we'll just sample some 90's backpacker hiphop and play some funk guitar to spice up the fresh country accapellas. Whos knows.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Too Much Beer For TURBONEGRO !!!

This rock’n’roll and beverages-related story is true:

Daughter of a lady who works in the same office as me has a summer job cleaning rooms in a President Hotel in the centre of Helsinki.

Last weekend there was the annual Ankka Rock Festival in Helsinki and on sunday the hardest rocking and most decadent and homo-erotic rock band that ever came out of Norway (excluding Burzum, of course), the mighty TURBONEGRO played at the festival.

Like many artists coming to Helsinki the band stayed at the President Hotel. In the afternoon of the next day, hours after the regular hotel check-out time, the aforementioned daughter was knocking on the door of TURBONEGRO’s room in order to clean it. The band, of course, was still in there. However, they were very polite, apologized and asked her to come around again after an hour. When she did, they were finally leaving and in order to thank the girl, they tipped her by giving her 1 and ½ big cases of Heineken beer that they still had. Nice!

But what does that mean? TURBONEGRO cannot finish all beer they had hoarded? Or, there were not enough party people helping them out with all their beer or what?

After hearing this story I suggested that they should sell the beer in Ebay as “Special TURBONEGRO Heineken Party Beer – undrunk, unopened can!” one can at the time and make good money but apparently they were just going to drink it with her friends.

Kill Your Coke!!! And Pepsi Too!

After my Peace in the Middle-East blog entry I want to bring in more social consciousness and awareness and to “infotain” you with some news from India.

The state of Kerala in South-western India banned completely selling Cola Cola and Pepsi after Indian research team claimed last week that they had found alarming amounts of high pesticide levels in the cola drinks. Four other Indian states have already banned selling cola-drinks in public schools and state offices for the same reason. Kerala is the first state that completely bans cola-drinks. It also happens to be politically one of India’s few leftist run-states.

Everybody knows that drinking cola drinks and especially all those low-sugar light cola drinks like Coke Light, Pepsi Max etc. cannot be very healthy since all they contain is water and a lot mysterious and scary chemicals. But when you think about all the environmental problems and disasters (one of the worst example being the Union Carbide Disaster in Bhopal in 1984, claimed by many as the worst industrial disaster in history) in developing countries, this all makes sense.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mobile Ringtones to save the music industry?

The music industry and especially the big corporations have been worrying sick about not selling as many cd's as in the past. P-2-P -sharing is a lot bigger problem for them that old skool pirate cd's sold on the streets.

Here is where the rappers come to the resque. In the US this summer has been a succes for companies selling mobile ringtones and in the forefront have been rappers like Chamillionaire and Rick Ross. Below is the article from

Rapper Chamillionaire has just raised the bar on master ringtone sales by shifting three million tones. The accomplishment is for the smash hit "Ridin," which has enjoyed heavy spins and incredible momentum. Fans have a number of ways to grab the tone, including on- and off-deck options, and the artist has positioned the ringer aggressively on his website. The nosebleed result is part of an overnight mobile treasure chest for artists, particularly rappers. Chamillionaire, inked to Universal Motown Records, previously reached the two-million mark faster than any other artist. Several others have crossed the million mark, and fresh records keep pouring in. Earlier, rapper Rick Ross, signed to Slip-N-Slide/Def Jam, surpassed sales of one million master ringtones late last month. The Ross accomplishment represents the first time an artist has reached that level ahead of an album release.

That's a funny business, aye? With the new phones models everybody with a computer & internet connection could easily make those ringtones for free for themselves, but they still chose to downloadit for money...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Peace In The Middle-East, please.

I think that now is the time to say at least something about what is going on in the Middle-East.

The thing that came into my mind recently while reading about the current crisis in the newspaper was how during my Metalhead-period, one of the coolest bands used to be the notorious and legendarily politically UNcorrent S.O.D (Stormtroopers Of Death) and they had a song called ‘Fuck The Middle-East’, which went something like “FUCK THE MIDDLE-EAST, THERE’S TOO MANY PROBLEMS!!!”. That used to sound quite appropriate back then in the 1980s.

However, when I checked out the rest of the lyrics now, I don’t want to quote them more than that first line because now it seems to me like Billy Milano, Scott Ian and co. were like deranged little brothers of George W. Bush (if that concept is even possible to imagine) . But they, they must have been ironic, yeah? Another S.O.D. favorite was always ‘Ballad of Jimi Hendrix’, which consisted of about 2 seconds of guitar noise and the lyrics ‘HE’S DEAD!”.

Anyhow, about the current crisis; I have really nothing to say about those soldiers - from either side - who have died but the latest ‘collateral damage’ ie. civilian victim count is that 27 Israeli civilians have died, against over 900 Lebanese civilians, about 1/3 of whom were CHILDREN of under 12-years. Add to that the fact that about one million Lebanese people have had to leave their homes in order to escape Israeli army’s extremely randomly spread bombs.

Then there's the whole environmental disaster of millions of gallons of spilt heavy raw oil that has apparently already destroyed the whole eco-system of the Lebanon's coast etc.

Fuck all that. You know whose I am on. But all this makes sad.
Stop it already, alright?!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's convict music!

Yeah, that's Akon's catch phrase, that's how he seems to begin every new song he features in. That habbit itself is nothing new, it's a common jamaican deejay thing: Vybz Kartel's got "up to di time", Beenie Man has "Zigga Zow" and Elephant Man's got "Chu know..." and so on and so on. It's a good way to make yourself known, that's like "sonic branding" or whateva.

I just heard the new Rick Ross album "Port Of Miami" (which is a banger!) and I just have to say that Akon is the man. The ever pompous song "Cross that line" with Rick is a sure hit, at least at casa de Hennessy. I mean, the guy's done "Soul Survivor" w/ the Snowman, "Locked up", "Ghetto", "Trouble Nobody" and he pretty much produces the stuff he does himself. Ok, Akon (born Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam if you trust wikipedia) did that annoying "Lonely" tune, but that probably made him a lot of money too. An some enemies as well.

Akon should be releasing his nnext album soon, it should be called "In your eyes". So It's convict time y'all!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why does Crunk Sauna beat Hyphy Sauna?


Summer vacation is a good time to do things you normally couldn’t find time for. Like homemade scientific tests. A few weeks ago we (Henny & Alppiboy) headed for a summer cottage for some R&R. One common theme in our late night discussions was the musical differences between hyphy and crunk. We analyzed the drum patterns, sounds, lyrics etc. in great detail but came to no clear conclusion that night.

However, the next morning we discovered a hidden soundsystem in the sauna. There, under the wooden benches was a nice 70’s style speaker connected to the 80’s era stereo rack in the other room. And we could easily plug our IRiver H320 MP3 player to the system. It was all mono, but bwoy it was loud! And there we had it: a place to empirically test hyphy and crunk material in the most unexpected environment – finnish lakeside sauna soundsystem. We were soooo hyped.


Our thesis was that the sauna bathing experience should be the same whether Hyphy or Crunk music was played during the bathing session.

The method:

The first test night was for crunk and second for hyphy. Both nights we used dry birch logs (approx. 30-40 cm in length and 15 cm in diameter) to warm up the “lab” to somewhere around 70-80 degrees Celsius (accurate measurements are not available, it could’ve been hotter at times, we were too stoked to write any details down during the tests). On crunk nite we played artists like Ludacris, Mike Jones, Trillville, Lil Jon, T.I., Bone Crusher and Three 6 Mafia and on hyphy nite it was strictly artists like E-40, The Federation, Keak The Sneak to name a few. Some amounts of refreshing beverages were also consumed during the test to prevent hydration.


Here are the results for the Crunk nite:

* the session took a lot longer than usually. Normally a 30 minute session turned into a 2 hour spectacle
* the sounds were clear and fat during the whole session
* we especially loved the overall kick sounds, they resonated quite nicely
* all artists suited the sauna environment well, highlights were T.I. and Paul Wall
* the louder the music was, better the sauna felt
* crunk seemed to fit the moist and hot environment better than expected
* 94 points out of 99 points on the SSE-scale (Subjective Sauna Experience)

And for the Hyphy nite:

* the session took no longer than usually (app. 30 minutes only)
* we had to take a break during the first 5 minutes, because the sauna got too dry
* found some hyphy songs not at all suitable for sauna (e.g. Tell Me When To Go by E-40 is a banger outside the sauna, inside it can really hurt you)
* we also felt anxiety and stress when the volume was set too high, probably because on some songs the 808 cowbells were mixed too loud
* there was a big difference between this and the previous night
* the overall experience was still slightly positive
65 points
on the SSE-scale


We proved out thesis to be incorrect. Crunk is a far better choice for Sauna Soundtracks than Hyphy – reasons for this are however still a bit unclear. Our test were however not identical, our state of mind was a bit better on the first night, which might have had an effect on the results.

Therefore we strongly encourage you to do your own tests and report your results here. And put your Sauna shades on!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday MTV!

As of today MTV is 25 years old! The concept of MTV has changed a lot since the heyday of music videos and the heavy localization has already killed the MTV I fell in love with. And I won’t even start dissing the actual programming (yuh know, just Pimp My Ride and Newdlyweds, no music at prime time, not much hip hop…).

But I still think that the semilocal MTV2 and MTV Base are pretty cool. The content of both MTVBase and MTV2 at least in Finland comes from UK. And UK is the homeland of Sky Channel, which was my first contact with music vids! Y´all know the deal – Mick Wall and Monsters Of Roooooock….

Happy Bithday to MTV still. You’ve grown to be a big media player now, so beware of and other rivals of the digital age.

BIG NEWS JUST OUT: This is for La Raza!

Don’t you just hate the spam? All spam is bad, yeah, but I have been receiving lately a LOT of emails about some stupid supposed stock market insider information. Super-bo-oo-oring, I don’t have any money to put into American stock market anyway. Besides we have all seen what’s the deal with those, in The Sopranos. It’s all about da Mob fooling stupid people, seen?

Anyhow, this caught my eye today. Apparently I should buy a lot of Goldmark Industries, ‘a rising Urban Entertainment force’, stocks today because they are about to up – right now! Yeah right. But why, you may ask? Because of Kid Frost, homie! Remember ‘This is for La Raza…’ and the video with all those lowriders etc.

As it turns out the company has, and I quote,

“…enhanced its Executive Leadership with the addition of accomplished artist, Kid Frost, as Vice President of the Music Division. Frost is very well respected by already established act and is looked at as a role model by up and coming talent. He was the pioneer of Latin Hip Hop, which has exploded, with the extremely popular, Reggaeton over the past 4 years. Frost will serve as an ideal Vice President of Music Operations within Goldmark, due to his extensive musical knowledge, skills, history and experience.

Frost -- originally known as Kid Frost -- was a pioneer in the field of Latin hip-hop, cutting some of its very first records and helping to bring exposure to other bilingual MCs. Pioneering Latino rapper Frost only gets better with age. The veteran East Los Angeles rapper, who became a hip-hop icon in 1990 with his groundbreaking single "La Raza" has stepped up his game in the last decade, sharpening his lyrical skills and becoming an authority figure in the rap world. His success allowed such Latino rappers as Cypress Hill, Fat Joe, Big Pun to make substantial hip-hop inroads.

His music features a hard-hitting mix of hard-core hip-hop, smoothed out cuts for the ladies and laid-back songs for cruising.

Frost is an original and knows about originality. Rapping since 1980 Frost scored his first record deal with Electrobeat Records thanks to the help of his long time mentor and friend Ice-T. When deciding on his name, Frost decided to model his moniker after that of the man who helped start his career, choosing Frost since Frost comes before ice. Then known as Kid Frost, Frost became a regular on the car show circuit in the mid 1980's. When he released "La Raza" and his debut album, "Hispanic Causing Panic" a few years later, his visibility exploded and helped the Lowrider culture thrive in Southern California and eventually Worldwide.

Frost says, "As I see the KRS-Ones and the LL Cool J's still in it, I won't budge. A lot of people might say that I'm too old. But I don't think it's your age or how you rap. It's your rap skills that keep you in the game. As long as we make that knocking Chevy music, we're going to stay in this rap game."”

And to those of you who bothered to read/scroll all the way down here, here is a special bonus gift to yo'all: The extremely cool video of La Kid Frost's classic La Raza, with the latin ladies in crazyass bikinis, the lowriders, the homies, the mad sax line, nods to the Aztec-ancestors, the East L.A., los murales, the TR-808, the mad tattoos, the bandanas, dickies pants, Nike Cortez sneakers, homiee-ee-ez!.