Friday, August 25, 2006

Kelly Clarkson totally rules! Awesome, man!

Now, to celebrate the fact that the weekend is here, I got here something funny for all of you fans of Kelly Clarkson, from, or course.

Crack open a bottle of beer and click here, it’s a great video from Metal Skool’s gig where the band notice Kelly & her boyfriend in the audience and pick them up on stage, make her drink Chivas Regal whiskey out of the bottle and sing a Guns’N’Roses song & dance & act stupid with them. It’s kinda incredible stuff thinking about her public image but goes to show that she knows how to have fun like a regular person and all that.

The whole thing is 100% pure American Fun, entertaining like h*ll, and something that even Somi would probably appreciate.


Hennyman said...

Ok, three things to say

1) This was the best post so far, purrfect timing! I opened up a bottle o beer (not Koff, of course) and enjoyed this sooo much

2) What is this band? They're like relics from the past, Poison meets Great White 2006???

3) Youtube is gonna change the life as we know it. Itäs and endless fountain of entertainment!

Sandra White said...

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Kriton Music said...

yes, i watched this last night and it was AWESOME (=not a word i'd use very often, but suitable for this topic)!!!

I loved Kelly before, now I love her even more. She's like a regular chick who likes to sip beer & wild turkey, and rock out to GNR and Journey (there was another clip of her doin' "Don't stop Believing" with Metal Skool). and she's a friggin American Idol. Bite that, you ponce-ass Clay Aiken!

Anonymous said...

Clay Aitken is soooo gay!