Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Boycott Koff now!!

Earlier I stated that this blog has been getting too political and socially conscious and that we should discuss more "earthly" subjects. So here we go, let's talk about beer.

Koff Brewery informed us earlier this year that they will bring Brooklyn Lager to Finland during the early summer. This was something that we the Kriton Posse really waited for, because we're all newyorkers inside. But to a great surprise, we couln't find any BL anywehere during the whole friggin' summer. These guys at Koff know a thing or two about marketing beer to the "youthful" segment (they brought 50 cent and Foo Fighters to play exclusive shows) but this time they have stepped over the line and made a promise they couldn't keep. That is something we the consumers can not tolerate, they have not even given us a proper explanation for all this. WHERE IS F*** IS MR KOFF AT WITH MY BL?

So this is a start of an official boycott - a true case of consumer empowerment. I will not purchase any Koff beer until we get Brooklyn Lager to the shops like promised. And I will ask for all you decent BL-lovin' criminals to join me.


Kriton Music said...

This was the best posting so far. I have been looking for Brooklyn lager in stores the whole summer but apparently they are liars.

And to keep up with our social/political consciousness here, another - maybe slightly more serious - reason to boycott Koff Brewery and all their products is that fact that yesterday they issued a statement saying that are laying off 140 people form their brewery in Pori in order to cut costs in the future, while right now they are doing pretty good business.

That makes it two good reasons.

Hennyman said...

Yes, the lay offs are another good reason for this. Please forward this link to all people you know, we could start a riot here!

Kriton Music said...

Koff please! i have never been a big fan of your products, and now even less. i'm a 100 per cent behind this boycott. i will not buy your filthy product, you dirty liars, you unemployment causing bastards.

but that does not mean that i won't drink sum koff brewskis if they are given to me for free.

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