Friday, August 11, 2006

It's a reeeeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiix

Yes! Kriton's back in the building! After a long summer we finally got together to work on out new Remix/Mixtape/Blend-project. We've all been doing music by ourselves for the last few months, but yesterday all three of us hooked up in the Alppilounge studio and I must say the material we made yesterday was too hot to handle.

I won't reveal all of those songs we're gonna remix, but let's say that asome ATL rocking kings and some Bay Area old timers and some NYC-area smooth talkers are soon getting remixed in a totally Kriton style. Last nite we managed to create some wicked beats that had that Miami Vice and "In the air tonight meets pink flamingos" - kinda vibe. We'll report here how the remix-project goes on, and maybe we'll provide some sound samples as well. Things might get a bit weird when we start sampling Sonic Youth and grab our electric basses and mix that with some crunk accapellas. Or maybe we'll just sample some 90's backpacker hiphop and play some funk guitar to spice up the fresh country accapellas. Whos knows.

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