Friday, January 30, 2009

Bad News: Spotify's country restrictions

S**T. I just found out that I couldn't play all the tracks on my current Spotify playlists. Here's why, goddammit:

""Next week we are going to be making some changes to our music catalogue that we feel are important to communicate clearly. Unfortunately we are going to be removing a number of songs from our catalogue and adding country restrictions to some tracks, which may make them unplayable for you.

Dammit, it seemed to good to be true anyway.

Read more here.

Swiss Ganja Farmer Caught Using Google Earth

This is not a science fiction novel, it’s for real. The big brother (not the tv-series) is watching you little weed farmers, herbalists & horticulturists, so beware. I’m not sure how often the Google’s satellite images are updated in different areas, but I guess Switzerland must be quite an important target for surveillance. Maybe someone had an interest in the secret manufacturing processes of the famous stinky cheeses and accidentally found this little ganja farmer’s secrect spot.

Read more about it from here

p.s. the guys in the image above have nothing to do with this case, I hope.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Led Display Jacket

We Chiton Bwoys love techie stuff and we like to discuss clothing and trends and such. And this is something we'd like to get: a led display jacket. It's a bit on the bling-side (Yeah, we know it's sooooo 2008 by now) but still: you could communicate with this mutha to all others behind you. Cool, innit? And yes - very nerdy too!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hundred stab! Daggering time!


You gotsta luuh the jamaican dancehall culture for its continuing need for change and hunger for new phenomenona. The newest phenomenon is obviously "daggering".

But what the heck is daggering? A condom brand, a dance, a riddim, an event, a song, a trendy expression? Yes, it's all of that.

“Daggering is an acrobatic, active gyration, it is not at one speed, people normally associate sex and violence especially with a name like dagger but although the terminology is hardcore, it is just a part of the dance. It is a world culture, with not intention to hurt, and at times it can be aggressive,” Renegade of RDX explained." Read the whole article

If you wanna learn how to dance "daggering", check out Mr Vegas' educational video

And yes, RDX is the new posse to look out for.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Counter-Terrorism Calendar 2009

"The National Counterterrorism Center is pleased to present:

The Counterterrorism (CT) Calendar 2009 (PDF download). 

This edition, like others since the Calendar was first published in a daily planner format in 2003, contains useful information across a wide range of terrorism-related topics: terrorist groups, wanted terrorists, and technical pages on various threat-related issues. The Calendar marks dates according to the Gregorian and Islamic calendars, and contains significant dates in terrorism history, as well as dates that terrorists may believe are important when planning “commemoration-style” attacks.

The CT Calendar is designed as a ready reference guide for law-enforcement, intelligence, military and security personnel, contingency planners, or simply citizens concerned by terrorist threats. The Calendar is oriented primarily to readers in the United States, but we hope it will also be useful for citizens of other countries. The CT Calendar uses information that was current as of September 2008. For updated information, readers are invited to visit
the interactive version of the calendar at"

And hey, if you dug the calendar, you might also like this. I did. 

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kanye Wrecks His Cinelli Vigorelli!!!

You remember Kanye's Vigorelli fixie, right?

Now check out the photographic evidence of what happened. OMG. 

4 Real. No, not really. John Prolly is such a funny guy.