Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hundred stab! Daggering time!


You gotsta luuh the jamaican dancehall culture for its continuing need for change and hunger for new phenomenona. The newest phenomenon is obviously "daggering".

But what the heck is daggering? A condom brand, a dance, a riddim, an event, a song, a trendy expression? Yes, it's all of that.

“Daggering is an acrobatic, active gyration, it is not at one speed, people normally associate sex and violence especially with a name like dagger but although the terminology is hardcore, it is just a part of the dance. It is a world culture, with not intention to hurt, and at times it can be aggressive,” Renegade of RDX explained." Read the whole article

If you wanna learn how to dance "daggering", check out Mr Vegas' educational video

And yes, RDX is the new posse to look out for.


Fiil Inc said...

this is some real hot ish! dancehall is mos def going back to the 90's. and i like that.

Anonymous said...