Friday, December 22, 2006

I Dream Of Eclectic Sheep, free mp3s again

Free music is good, especially when it’s good. So, again in keeping with the spirit of giving and the holiday season, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc., here’s another downloadable gift for free (and it's 100% legit) mp3s for yo’all. It’s the new album from a great Finnish band, Treeball.

Sure, we know some the guys in the band but besides them being really good, what we also have in common is the philosophy of giving our music away for free. You shouldn't have to pay for it, unless you like it and want to pay for it. Which reminds me, if you want to donate some money for us, please feel free to do so by sending any amount/currency you want to us via on our official email: Thanks!

But get their album, if you are into Indie Pop, that is. But who is not into Indie Pop every once in a while? Listen to it with your eggnog, mistletoes, menorah, Xmas-tree and whatever assorted accessories you might need during the Christmas.

Treeball: I Dream of Eclectic Sheep

Treeball release their second album of 2006, I Dream Of Eclectic Sheep. 10 new songs featuring material written by Nick Triani, Astrid Swan, Janne Lehtinen & Michael McDonald. All ten tracks are available as a free download below with a copy of the cover for you to print.

Razz Dat!

Now, if you want to loose completely mindlessly some of your employers’ time while waiting for the holidays to begin, go play with this thing.

It’s Razz Mixer, kind of a online recording device where you can record your own stupid... hmmm, well basically anything. Do a rap or tell a joke, make a political speech or just upload your favorite track and fart into the mic and play with the stupid sound effects provided in the mixer. In fact, I cannot think of anything stupider than that. But what’s even better, in theory you can win 250 USD while doing it.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Don't say it, put it on a T-Shirt

Last nite I watched BET Hip Hop awards, which is like the Oscars for hip hop: a lot of great artists, no real surprises and a lot of bullshit said on stage.

But they were all there, and all the biggest anthems got played. The hottest moments were in my opinion (not particulary in this order):

1) Luda's performance as a response to Nas. Quite satirical, humorous. Read the T-Shirt. It's a powerful media.

2) Game's performance of "One Blood" that ended in a boring speech about beefs. That he respects Jigga and Fitty. Yadada. Even Jay-Z himself fell asleep during these words.

3) Busta's speech after receiving the "best live perfomer" award or something like that. He pretty straightforwardly dissed a lot of these new cats who just stand on the stage holding their groins.

4) Almost all artists had hoodies with shiny blingy things on them. What's up wit that? Rappers shop nowadays at H&M's?

5) Lil Wayne was really hyped and jumped around a lot, even after his set

6) Dipset soooo ain't about singing. Jim Jones couln't find a note if he ran over it on a H3

7) Chamillionaire seemed like really a humble guy, a bit lost on the stage.

And the track of the year was.... "it's going down" by Young joc.

Damn, girl! Watch out for those Flames....

Yo’all know about this already fo ‘sho but I just want to express my deep feelings for Lost’s lovely Kate AKA Evangeline Lily, who house just burned down in Hawaii. Damn!

And this piece of news fits just perfectly in with the vibe of destruction and general f**ked-up:ness that has been going on with Kriton Records’ official website recently.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kriton crash!

Old news for those who have tried to check our site ( and bad news for those who are looking into visiting: is down again. We hope to get it fixed it in a couple of days.

Still reminding you to go there asap when it's back on: the Collie Buddz remix "Come Around" (a.k.a. When The Kriton Come Around...) is up for downloading!! watch this space, we'll tell you when to go!

#UPDATE # 21.12.2006

Yes, is working again.
Now go there and download that crazy sucker called "When Kriton Come Around".
It is sooooo worth it.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Stig will hold 'em

We the Kriton Bwoyz have been diggin' Stig Dogg since the day one and two. Stig is the man. And now he's got a brand new vid out, with a trendy poker theme. Check this new piece of artwork out, there are some porn star cameos and such, so pay attention...

We always appreciate the silly overuse on bubbly. Those who can, do it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Very Special Blends AKA free mp3s! Go get 'em!

When we started this blog some months back we promised that Kriton Music is above all 'an independent 100% free record label', remember?

Well, in order to keep that promise, every once in a while we need to deliver, which we have done along the way fo' sho, but right now and in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season and all that, I want to remind all of you that we have a very special extra secret Kriton-webpage decicated to
Some Very Special Blends.

So click that fat motha and go NOW there and fill up all yo' hard drives, iPods and whatnot & enjoy!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Doctor's Order: Cannabis is Go! in Finland.

Right on! This is good news from today’s newspaper. Or is it really?

The right to use medicinal cannabis in pain relief has been granted for the first time in Finland. A man who hurt his back and neck seriously in an car accident and who has been forced to take different opiate-based pain killers take continuously for four years was given prescription for one year to use medicinal cannabis. Obviously the side-effects of taking medicinal grade morphine or heroin or other hardcore-opiate derivatives for four years were judged to be bit heavy for anyone.

The man had to appeal for court and the decision in his favor took 1.5 years to go through. It is also strictly for one year with no promise of continuation after that.

So basically he can have his weed in order to help him kick the morphine-habit and then after a year he is forced to go directly back to using it again. Is cannabis really so dangerous that it is officially better to use morphine instead, or what?

And since this is the first case in Finland, where is he going to score his weed and/or hash? I am sure local pharmacies do not carry cannabis products since importing any kind of cannabis product into Finland is a serious crime carrying penalties of up to several years in prison. This applies to pharmacists too. Maybe he has to grow his own, which of course is strictly illegal too. In fact it is currently illegal to even have seeds, ceramic pots or any other similar things that could be considered as equipment and accessories to be intended to be used in producing cannabis in any form.

Or maybe now it’s time for someone to form the first Finnish cannabis buyers’ club?

But seriously, this case just shows once again how conservative, backwards and hypocrite Finland really is.


Ok, turns out that the local pharmacist, who also happened to be the person who helped and supported the dude in pain with the court case against The Man, got a special license to order a one-year-supply of official dutch medicinal weed from aDutch state controlled ganja-provider...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Kobe beef and Pata Negra, por favor

When it comes to food, I sometimes like being elitistic. I may not be the ultimate connoisseur of the culinaristic brotherhood extraordinaire, but I’m known to enjoy the good things in life once in a while. What I’m reporting here is not suitable for hard core vegans, so they might consider clicking this instead. However this story is a story of one of the most happiest animals in the machinery of western and oriental food industry.

Last friday I had the priviledge to enjoy both Pata Negra and Kobe beef on the same plate. Pata Negra may not be such a rare treat, it’s just probably the best kind of Spanish ham (jamón serrano) that comes from Iberia. The point of this delicacy is that this type of ham comes from black Iberian pigs, who roam freely in the groves of cork oak and their diet consists mainly of sweet and dandy acorns.

Kobe beef is a bit of the same thing, but still a lot more. First of all, the Kobe beef is flown especially from Japan . That’s elitistic to begin with, right? The Kobe beef comes from a breed of cattle called Wagyu, and the guys over there have been selectively breeding for this marbling grade for centuries. What makes Kobe such a tasty form of meat comes from a few facts:

• The cattle receives several massages during the day
• During the massage they are rinsed with beer and/or sake
• They are massaged by hand
• They are also fed with beer/sake
• After a hard day someone actually sings lullabies to the cattle, so that they fall asleep relaxed.

The point of this kind of nurture is that these animals are supposedly happy until the bitter end and and therefore have no stress.

Was it worth it? Very often really rare dishes taste not too good or not at least as well as they should after you have paid a small fortune on them. But both Pata Negra and Kobe beef were pretty goddamn delicious and they were as smooth as you could expect.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I became a Fonero today. A what?

* Hi jzZi !
* You are the # 184XXX member of the FON Community, and you're alien.

It's on now. I read about it in a newspaper today and I am already one of them. 'A Fonero'. Here's the deal: There is a Spanish company: and they have a special deal for you if you live in Finland. When you register at the site they will send you a free WI-FI router, 'La Fonera', completely free of charge, apparently. But by signing up, you promise to hook it up with your Internet-connection and share it with all the other 'Foneros'. This will also mean that once you join the community and share yours, you get also the right to use other Foneros' WI-FI connections for free all over the world.

This sounds so cool, at least in theory. I share my WI-FI connection for anyone at range from my home anyway, no passwords, no nothing. Since I pay my montly fee and about 95% of all time I am not using it, and even if I am, then what? If you cannot afford your own internet connection (about 20 euros a month at the cheapest) then go ahead and use mine. I am cool with it.

I have had this idea for a long time, if everyone would share their WI-FI internet connections with everyone, the world would be a happy place, the global village would come true and all that hippy 'ish. But really, why not? Of course your and my ISP makes this forbidden in the contract they make you sign with them, they are only in it for the money for sure, but currently the Finnish Bureau for Consumer Protection states that this clause in the contract is an empty one. There is absolute no law against you sharing your internet with others.

But back to the La Fonera. I am excited, yet skeptical. Surely there must be 'a dog buried under it' as the old Finnish saying goes. I will keep you posted on what happens next.

"Special Offer for La Fonera for free (shipping cost and sales tax included)

This Special Offer is valid until 24-12-2006 date 24:00 hour and limited to 15.000 units and users that register or are already registered as Foneros. This Offer is limited to one router per user and shipping address. You will not be eligible for this Offer if you have previously purchased a subsidised La Fonera at

Once FON has confirmation that you have registered as a member of our Community, we will send you the La Fonera for free (shipping costs and sales tax are included). Once you have received your La Fonera, your will be required to install the La Fonera and maintain it activated within the FON Community. If for any reason you are not able to do so, we ask that you kindly pass the La Fonera onto a friend who wants to share WiFi as a Fonero."

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wii will Wii will hurt you!

Yes it will. And that's why Nintendo is now worried about FAK's, their primary customer segment. Nintendo has the new Wii console out that is controlled by the Wii controller. The controller has a motion sensor kinda thing, that responds to real life movements (!) so that basically you could play tennis games by waving your hand or wrist. I haven't tried this, so this is what I guess the gadget does.

But here's the funny part: now there a a lot of reported incidents where these remotes have slipped from the greasy palms of some passionate wii-banging-kids causing serious damage to their environment. Check out the instructions before you go breaking your mommy's precious china or daddy's rare collection of german beer glasses in the heat of the game. I think all real computer nerds can say this aloud: Thou shall not mix real life with artificial life. Kids can't handle it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kriton Boys Come Around

As previously mentioned, The Chiton boys have been really busy lately. Busy making beats, busy sampling drums, busy learning to play sitar sounds through synths and busy just parenting in general. In the midst of this process they still had time to sit down and celebrate the forthcoming holiday season. So last weekend they locked themselves into the Alppilounge recording studios, packed the place with luxury snacks: Star shaped ginger bread, VSOP Cognac, hot juice, ever trendy Vodka and tasty liquers + some other stuff too (Thanks for this goes to Marky Mark – not the funky bunch. Dude, we loves U). Besides the obvious obesity and fratboy party shout outs they managed to work all night and complete their latest remix. This time they had to go from India to the West Indies to get the tasty elements they needed.

So here it is, Collie Buddz’s Come Around remixed by the Boyz Take a bite and pass it on the left hand side.