Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kriton crash!

Old news for those who have tried to check our site ( and bad news for those who are looking into visiting: is down again. We hope to get it fixed it in a couple of days.

Still reminding you to go there asap when it's back on: the Collie Buddz remix "Come Around" (a.k.a. When The Kriton Come Around...) is up for downloading!! watch this space, we'll tell you when to go!

#UPDATE # 21.12.2006

Yes, is working again.
Now go there and download that crazy sucker called "When Kriton Come Around".
It is sooooo worth it.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

yes, i'm sure. but what the fuck does you not getting it up without pills have to with our website being down? Dexter, you are a loser. And i'm sure your girlfriend is being satisfied by the mailman, too.

Funky Fiil One

Anonymous said...

I wish 'Kriton Crash' would soon turn out into 'Kriton Cash', man!

Anonymous said...

Dexter sucks mi cojones!

Anonymous said...

Dexter sucks mi cojones!21