Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Very Special Blends AKA free mp3s! Go get 'em!

When we started this blog some months back we promised that Kriton Music is above all 'an independent 100% free record label', remember?

Well, in order to keep that promise, every once in a while we need to deliver, which we have done along the way fo' sho, but right now and in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season and all that, I want to remind all of you that we have a very special extra secret Kriton-webpage decicated to
Some Very Special Blends.

So click that fat motha and go NOW there and fill up all yo' hard drives, iPods and whatnot & enjoy!


Kriton Music said...

yes sir! this fall we were busy with 'em blends, and i've been actually working on another one recently (clue: an 80's version of a classic soul track meets miami-cuban booty rap).
but more about that issue when i find the time to finish that sucka. finna be hott!

Hennyman said...

Jes, We give this s**t 4 free, go, dowload, and enjoy! More blends to come, when we get down to it. Stay tuned ye nerds.

Hennyman said...

More free nice stuff.... go to and get the new "Pills&Trills&Bellyaches" by Hennessy. It's all good, oldfashioned instrumental dubhiphop.