Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wii will Wii will hurt you!

Yes it will. And that's why Nintendo is now worried about FAK's, their primary customer segment. Nintendo has the new Wii console out that is controlled by the Wii controller. The controller has a motion sensor kinda thing, that responds to real life movements (!) so that basically you could play tennis games by waving your hand or wrist. I haven't tried this, so this is what I guess the gadget does.

But here's the funny part: now there a a lot of reported incidents where these remotes have slipped from the greasy palms of some passionate wii-banging-kids causing serious damage to their environment. Check out the instructions before you go breaking your mommy's precious china or daddy's rare collection of german beer glasses in the heat of the game. I think all real computer nerds can say this aloud: Thou shall not mix real life with artificial life. Kids can't handle it.

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Kriton Music said...

I am way too lazy and old for the Wii, man.

Come on, when I am chillin' at my crip and playing my videogames I wanna kick it back on my sofa and concentrate, not jump around the the living room waving a plastic bar in the air like damn Jedi.