Friday, December 22, 2006

I Dream Of Eclectic Sheep, free mp3s again

Free music is good, especially when it’s good. So, again in keeping with the spirit of giving and the holiday season, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc., here’s another downloadable gift for free (and it's 100% legit) mp3s for yo’all. It’s the new album from a great Finnish band, Treeball.

Sure, we know some the guys in the band but besides them being really good, what we also have in common is the philosophy of giving our music away for free. You shouldn't have to pay for it, unless you like it and want to pay for it. Which reminds me, if you want to donate some money for us, please feel free to do so by sending any amount/currency you want to us via on our official email: Thanks!

But get their album, if you are into Indie Pop, that is. But who is not into Indie Pop every once in a while? Listen to it with your eggnog, mistletoes, menorah, Xmas-tree and whatever assorted accessories you might need during the Christmas.

Treeball: I Dream of Eclectic Sheep

Treeball release their second album of 2006, I Dream Of Eclectic Sheep. 10 new songs featuring material written by Nick Triani, Astrid Swan, Janne Lehtinen & Michael McDonald. All ten tracks are available as a free download below with a copy of the cover for you to print.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog, some interesting info and thoughts, a bit radical for me at times but thats ok.

Anonymous said...

not radical enough I say!!
come on don't be soft

Kriton Music said...

dude, i say you wouldn't know radical if it hit you in the head with a menora. we're not radical, we simply make notes of the surroundings that we live in. the pop culture, that is.

ok, so our new years resolution is that we will be more radical in 2007. 2007 will the era of the "Rad Kriton".

2008 we're going soft again and blogging about Mike And The Mechanics and mens socks.

Anonymous said...

thats the spirit!!
sometimes you have to have hardness to have the softness.

Kriton Music said...

BTW: That Treeball album is really good!!
check it out already if you haven't yet!