Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kriton Boys Come Around

As previously mentioned, The Chiton boys have been really busy lately. Busy making beats, busy sampling drums, busy learning to play sitar sounds through synths and busy just parenting in general. In the midst of this process they still had time to sit down and celebrate the forthcoming holiday season. So last weekend they locked themselves into the Alppilounge recording studios, packed the place with luxury snacks: Star shaped ginger bread, VSOP Cognac, hot juice, ever trendy Vodka and tasty liquers + some other stuff too (Thanks for this goes to Marky Mark – not the funky bunch. Dude, we loves U). Besides the obvious obesity and fratboy party shout outs they managed to work all night and complete their latest remix. This time they had to go from India to the West Indies to get the tasty elements they needed.

So here it is, Collie Buddz’s Come Around remixed by the Boyz Take a bite and pass it on the left hand side.

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Kriton Music said...

brrapp, the word's been circulating on the streets... there might be a Kriton Bangers promo cd-r coming out... be on da lookout!