Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stig Dogg!

Stigg Dogg!
Originally uploaded by Kriton Music.
Here's Stig Dogg on stage at the Kovalevy club at UMO Jazz House last night. Watch out for the wigga, Stig is da man! if you wanna hear his mad flava, go to Kriton Radio Blog and listen to the track 'Aineita' (that's 'Substances' as in 'substance abuser' to those of you not able to understand our bizarre language). Produced by DJ PP and it's a fine example of the fresh stuff that's been coming up recently here in Helsinki.

Edit: I had misspelled Stig's name with two Gs in my posting but now it's corrected. On the other hand he is a Gangsta so an extra G in his name probably didn't hurt anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Jes! Aineita!