Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Narrow tie and things to talk about

Originally uploaded by Omega_Helsinki.
I have no idea who that dude is but he was in my camera as well after last saturday night. He had a really nice Frankie Goes To Hollywood -style super narrow tie on. It was silk, not leather, unfortunately, but I remember he claimed that he also had another made out of leather in his collection.

Then Alppila, who has been struggling to install a radio blog channel on the Kriton Music site all night tonight, reminded me of the things that should be perhaps discussed here in the future:

-Caribbean music
-Texas Music
-Gay Clubs
-Dirty south music
-People who send us crap demos
-Crap demos, that people send us
-Why they cancelled Freaks & Geeks
-Why the internet is so passé

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