Thursday, March 23, 2006

Interflug flies again.

Interflug strumming away
Originally uploaded by Kriton Music.
Time for more news from the studio front. Recording of Interflug's long-planned and anticipated EP was finally begun tonight at Kriton lounge in Alppila. We laid down some tracks with nice and mellow sounds.

If you just can't wait for the stuff we are working on, you can listen to an earlier acoustic version of a song called 'LCD Soundsystem are playing in my house' from Interflug right now by clicking here.

The plan is to record four songs, three of which will be Giacomo's original tunes and one will be a cover song, but not just any old cover, it will be a very special secret classic track by world's most kick-ass rocking uber-homo-erotic Norvegian denim-wearing & drug-hoovering band. Guess what band? No, not Burzum...

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