Friday, March 17, 2006

Skeletor Dancing to the Kriton Beat

Last night was another hott! night at Kriton Music's basement studio/lounge as our posse was working extra hard on some new 'ish for Spazz out. The results of the session will be posted later but even Skeletor was dancing to the Kriton beat!

Oh, and I simpy cannot stop hyping our Kriton Radio Blog. The selection just keeps getting stronger every hour! My special love goes to The Veronicas '4ever', those grrrls rock! And yeah, I am not ashamed to admit it, I even like that Kelly Clarkson song, 'Since You Been Gone', which sounds very much like The Veronicas track...

But for a slightly different vibe, check out the mad E-40 track, it is hot too. Any track, and I mean ANY, which samples The Digable Planets just cannot go wrong! Personally I think that Digable Planets were the embodiment of everything that was good about hip hop during the early to mid 1990s 'golden era'. Check out the incredible Blowout Comb -album if you don't trust me. Respect.

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