Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kriton High School Bangers first CD!

Yes, people. It's official now. Hennessy da copymachine hustla has provided us with the cover prints for To Live And Die In M.I. promo CD-R's.

The CD includes the original cruising classic "To Live And Die In M.I." plus a blend with "Georgia" (if you don't know you betta ask somebody!!) plus the instrumental. And the covers are hot. you know why? I made them, fool!

Some CD's will be out in some stores to get (for free!) but if you really really really want it, just let us know...


Kriton Music said...

Excellent, the first blog entry from our man Alppila and what's more the first offical release from Kriton Music is almost here. And the covers are tryly dope!

Anonymous said...

Aight! I never respected my elders, I always respected the xerox-hustlas!

Lookin good.