Friday, March 31, 2006

Hot Licks, baby!

Hot Licks, baby!
Originally uploaded by Kriton Visuals.
Yeah, there's been some action in the studio during the last days, we have been working on some Kriton boys' stuff and the forthcoming Interflug EP. As a proof, I just wanted to share this nice photo with you. It's Mr. Alppila rocking out with his trusty very old Hofner hollow-body electric guitar. That lovely guitar has been featured in nearly all of our tracks so far.

Then a word on the Google Ad thing. After approximately 48 hours of having the ad link up there, it has been clicked 30 times and I have earned, now wait for it, 1.17 US dollars. Great, thanks for everyone who contributed, free money and all that, unfortunately I need to earn hundred dollars before Google will actually pay me anything. At this pace I will see any money around the Christmas time, I suppose.


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