Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Drunken Santa Claus loves chinese food.

I saw a pretty funny thing today. I was sitting in my office and I heard some really loud shouting down on the street outside my office. Well, that's nothing unusual around the hood in Sörnäinen where I work. A friend of my girlfriend's who has been living on that street for some time now, calls it 'The Street Fight' because she says she feels like walking in a real life version the classic 'Street Fighter' arcade game every time she leaves her flat because of all drunkies and junkies hanging out there 24/7.

Anyway, when I went to the window to see who was, in words of the Wu-Tang Clan, 'bringing the ruckus', and I saw this old guy with a big beard and dressed all in red, kinda like Santa Claus actually, shouting there and he was very obviously completely drunk. This was around ten o'clock in the morning, mind you. There's a cheap and crappy chinese restaurant there and after shouting at some streetwalkers the guy headed towards the door of the restaurant. Now this where it got really funny. He was so drunk that he actually collided with the wall next to the door twice before managing to haul his fat ass inside. The picture above is the moment of his first attempt to enter when he hit the wall.

After he finally got in, I waited for moment for him to be thrown out head first but nothing happened so I guess he was welcome there to the enjoy the 7.50 € all-you-can-eat buffet just like anyone else. Good for him.

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