Friday, March 31, 2006

Santa Claus seen in Kallio again.

Here's an update on the entry about my Santa Claus sighting last week: yesterday evening while we were walking home from the Kriton Studios with Giacomo, we saw Santa again. He was wearing the same all red jogging outfit as last time, only this time he seemed to be sober. The beard was there too and it was actually Giacomo who recognized Santa, even if he had only read about him in my blog entry.

It seems that the old merry dude lives around on the notorious Vaasankatu in the Harju district of Kallio, Helsinki. Sörnäinen, where the dude in red was first seen trying to score some chinese food, is basically around the corner from there.

And If anyone happens to be coming to Helsinki, drop me a message and I can arrange a combined pub crawl and Santa Claus-hunting trip in da hood in Kallio. Some of Helsinki's most original and hardcore drinking dens are located right there on Vaasankatu. There's been shootings and stabbings there, so no beginners or Erasmus students, please.

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Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that Santa used to live in Lapland, in Northern Finland. Guess it must be pretty hard in these times to find a job there during the off-season (jan to nov), especially for an elderly person like him. Maybe he has found a new career here in Helsinki? Or could he be one of those "bear"-types, who like to hang around special places like Vogue?