Monday, April 03, 2006

Fat Cap Fever

I went through my old stuff yesterday and found an old stack of papers from my highschool days. It was actually nothing more than some old report cards and such, but the folder I found them in was more interesting. Supposedly I had spent those boring math classes practising my tags to near perfection (!)

Yes, I guess was a writer, not a painter in the 80's. It was a very a short period in my life, but I have felt the rush and excitement of the empty train yard at night, and the howling cop sirens... It all obviously started with a certain Twisted Sister -album art, made by Vulcan ( However I never got caught and I was wise enough to stop before I did. But I still strongly support graffiti art in its all forms. Reclaim the walls!

And do notice the cool Florida sticker as well. I guess Miami Vice was also a big thing in 1988.


Kriton Music said...

Excellent! Yo' writing style was definetly dope at the time, so clean & fresh lines, nice old school NYC style...

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