Friday, April 07, 2006

Domestic Drama: SH101 VS. Vacuum Cleaner

Friday evening. I was cleaning the house when something happened. A domestic drama of some sorts. You know, if you were born in the 1970s, like all of us associated with Kriton Music, and if you are not living in a squatted house or otherwise in a 100% rock'n'roll lifestyle, you gotta clean the house every once in a while to keep everything nice and tidy.

Ok. I was vacuuming the house, and I noticed that my most beloved monophonic analog synth, my Roland SH-101, was a bit dusty. I dediced to give it a quick once over with vacuum cleaner and then it happened: WHUP! Before I could do anything, the vacuum cleaner had sucked the Volume knob in. Just like that! First I freaked out but then I adjusted myself into a total McGyver-mode, took out the dust container bag and dug the knob out. Everything was good again. What did I learn about this? I dunno...

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Kriton Music said...

Dude! Watch yourself! From this day on you're NOT allowed to clean up our studio premises... no just playin. Glad you found the knob back thou, Gyver!