Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Breaks

Spring Break is not a tradition where I'm from, but I sure hope it someday will be. With or without the brake, spring has finally come here, yippee. To celebrate the summer to come, I usually start listening to even more reggae than I usually do (which is quite lot to begin with). To find out what's new, hot and popular, I recommend these sites below:

Reggae Source charts, from Kingston to NYC

Reggae Vibes TOP-50 albums

Richie B's Jamtop 20

And always check out the Kriton Radio, we also put the best reggae there from times to times. And for Spring Break holidays, you should check out Margaretaville J.A.


Kriton Music said...

yep, right on Hennessy. This morning i started with my roots/lovers/jaffa playlist on the iPod. Some of the sh*t is pretty old but it's all good:
"Yardie Bone" (Sean Paul & Wayne Marshall)
"Black Woman" (I Wayne)
"Telephone Ting" (Kiprich
"Footprints" (T.O.K.)
"I will survive" (Turbulence)
"Earth A Run red" (Richie Spice)
"Never Gonna Be The Same" (Sean Paul)
"Is There A Place" (Gyptian)
"Hail Di King" (Fantan Mojah)
"I Know Jah Jah Bless Me" (Jah Cure
"Baby You And I" (Wayne Wonder)
"Breaking The Law" (G Money)
and bunch of Sizzla, Capleton and Buju tracks.

But all this reminds me: i gotta find me some new roots/jaffa stuff. always in need of that. Ya'll who don't know what "jaffa"-reggae is, check out some finnish soda-commercials.

Kriton Music said...

The official Jaffa-reggae slogan of the season is of course: "Stay Bambooza!"

Unknown said...

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