Sunday, April 09, 2006

Creative parking

In all major cities it is often challenging to find a parking space, when you need one. The best places to dump your vehicle are usually plain illegal or then too tight for your comfy SUV. At least in Helsinki most parking spaces were designed for these smaller rides , very popular from 50's post war -era to 70's oil crisis. So life is not always easy for the urban middle class, yuh know.

Yesterday I bumbed into this interesting and creative solution. This innovative driver had finally found a place where no one else would park. I am still curious to know whether the driver was:

a) a coke snorting, motorhead car thief in need, who thought he was driving a hovercraft

b) a local wino / drunk driver , who could not just see that humongous gap in the road

c) just a lousy sunday driver, with severe difficulties reading common symbols (such as red poles surrounding the hole or the metal fence designed to stop people from falling into places like this)

It would be great the faces of the workers coming to work on those gas pipes on monday morning.


Kriton Music said...

It's monday morning now and the hole-digging workers should be there already...

Kriton Music said...

hilarious stuff! i'm thinking it's maybe some weedhead from Itä-Helsinki, not knowing how things work dow here in the south... we don't drive our minivans stoned up here, dude!

Hennyman said...

I wonder it says on the flyer attached to the wipers. Propably something reasonable like "Please move this vehicle asap, parking here is strictly prohibited by city laws...".