Friday, April 07, 2006

The Spirit Of Kriton Radio!

The Spirit Of Kriton Radio!
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Finally. A LOT of new ish uploaded to Kriton Radio as well as old tunes taken off. This is how we do it at Kriton HQ's, we keep it movin, dude! New stuff new stuff new stuff.

a) The new new T.I. is just unfuckwithable. There just ain't no frontin on the KING. Number one album in the US, 500 000 sold on first week, number three movie with "ATL". That's why, we got "Front Back", T.I.'s hot new version of the UGK classic. Which leads us to...

b) Pimp C. Yeah, the mayne's been out for a couple months now and new UGK material is on the way. But now we're looking back to his solo album "The Sweet James Jones Stories" from 2004. Good album, even if it's made with spare rhymes from UGK sessions. The beats still sound hot as heck! And when Z-Ro does his Vandross thing in the chorus, it's just too friggin' cool.

c) That new Bubba Sparxxx album sounds also damn good. Now under Big Boi's supervision and only one Timbo beat (as far as i hear, no beat credits on the advance cd). Plus: new dude Scar sounds almost exactly like Raphael Saadiq on this one, which is always good...

d) That new Ghostface shit is already a classic. This time we got Tony Sparks messing with an old Stylistics track.

e) You can never go wrong with Misfits. NEVER!

f) That new Luda/Field Mob blend from the latest Kriton promo cd. You already know what it iiiiiis.

g) And finally, Ambrosia. Anyone got a cold one and a burrito to spare?

ps. those new reggae joints are uploaded by Hennessy-mayne. So i'll let him do the explaining. Just enjoy!


Hennyman said...

Yepp, gotsta listen to those newbies provided by Alppi-boy.

I just put a few fresh reggae tracks to keep it down to earth:

1) Chino And Delly Ranks: Red Bull And Guinness. This is a song dedicated to the upcoming weekend. Both drinks are very popular in Jamdom (and sponsor many of the music festivals there), but I hope no one mixes them - that would be a sissy crunk-juice-type-o-thing with very little alcohol, guaranteed to make 'em chicks laughing atchya.

2) Turbulence: Mis Leaders. Turbulence is one of my favourite conscious reggaeartists. This is a new one, with a familiar antibabylonian message. Go Rasta!

Kriton Music said...

also added: Dope Boyz from T.I.'s under-appreciated 1st album... take it as your history lesson.

Hennyman said...

Y'all should go and see the new ATL-movie. T.I. is the man! And on top of all things the movie begins with the song "Georgia" by Fieldmob & Luda. Yepp, it's the very same song that Kriton High School Bangers have made a remix on their boxfresh cr-r. Check out, right now!