Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Best Gay Sauna in Finland

vogue gay sauna
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So, we made sort of a promise to talk about Gay Clubs. I guess technically Vogue Sauna in Vallila, Helsinki, is not a club but who cares? Like Salt & Pepa said, 'Let's Talk About Love...'.

I dare to say that Vogue Sauna is the best bathing establishment for men who like company of other men in Helsinki and even in whole Finland. Why? I have never been in there and, good Lord, I don't even intend to ever go there. My claim is just based on the fact that at the moment it is the only Gay Sauna in Finland. Sure, there are bars and clubs with dark rooms and what not in Helsinki but sauna has a special place in Finnish culture so it is a special thing. Whatever, I have no idea what goes on there and I am not sure if I even want to know but by looking at their website, it seems that there is terrace over-looking the neighborhood, room with a fireplace to grill some sausages after the sauna with the boys, a special dark room and a bar and so on. And if you go their website, even the background music of the site is lovely. Nice!

It also happens to be in my neighborhood in Vallila and I just discovered it last sunday. The interesting thing is that my hood is not known to be a gay hotspot of any kind, it is just a residential neighborhood, not that far away from city centre and it used to be kind of traditional working class neighborhood. Anyhow, I save the discussion on Vallila for a later entry but just I want to warmly welcome Vogue Sauna and it's customers here. Cheers!

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Love this place!

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