Monday, March 13, 2006

The #1

All right, here we go, our very first post. We'll be blogging here about lots of cool stuff, news and other 'ish. The main thing will obviously be the record label but here will be other stuff too.

The label web-site still a bit under construction but our man Alppila is working on it. Anyhow, you can already check out the Kriton Music at and the very first track from Kriton High School Bangers, the very first artist on Kriton Recs.

"To Live and Die in M.I." is available there as a taster of what is coming out on the first proper release sometime soon. The world domination is just around the corner.

Later on there will be more stuff for you to download and listen to from more artists. Hennessy, Alppila, jzZi, Wheelspinnas, Interflug, Höhensohne, Drutgod and Spazz Out are all working super hard to put together new tracks and once they drop, it will be da bomb, ya'all!

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