Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Click that damn GoogleAd!

Shrooms grow in the city
Originally uploaded by Kriton Visuals.
Yeah, today I finally got that Google AdSense Ad working up there above and I also added and extra Google search window at the bottom of the page.

So now you can click on the ad there above and buy some crazy 'ish, like at the moment for example some conference services, if you just happen to feel like organizing an international summit of something here in Helsinki. And every click of your mouse earns me (at least theoretically) money! Go click, please! I promise that all the money made out of that will be invested, unadulterated, in financing the official Kriton Records site.

And thanks to everyone for comments on my Jopo entry, you made it into an official record of this blog so far. And I would love to get one of those absolutely lovely-looking Graziellas that Giacomo pointed to us. I really wish I could read Italian. I mean, a translation with the Babelfish makes it sound really interesting: "On brilliant plan of Rinaldo Donzelli, the Teodoro Carnielli di Vittorio Veneto introduces in that year an absolute novi?ta Graziella, an elegant collapsible bicycle destined rivoluzionare for beyond vent' years the world of the two wheels. Supported from an intelligent advertising campaign, the Graziella immediately meets the favors of a wide one wraps of customers for that one its refined image, favorite also from musicalit?el the its kind and harmonious name."


The Adsense is not there anymore, as you can probaby see. We did some re-arranging of the blog template, sorry.


Kriton Music said...

hey, we'll try and break that last record. anyway, one of these days i'll write something of my own in here. when i'm not busy reviewing crap finnish metal cd's. and once i figure out how this friggin interface works. any tips on how to make a new blog entry?

i will click on that ad. it's money for me, too.

Kriton Music said...

i clicked it. 3 times! count 'em.

Kriton Music said...

what the fu*k are these bands? i mean, seriously: Kara, Katla, Iiwana Julma, Defuse, Manitou... each one crappier than the one before. all new finnish metal sucks ass.

gimme some Backsliders any day.

Anonymous said...

Good finnish metal, as I see it, is the 80's stuff (Stone, 09, NNS etc.) Everything else is crap.

And I clicked the ad as well.

Kriton Music said...

STONE! AIRDASH! dude that s**t brings me back, like 2000 years... ahh those were the days!