Monday, August 21, 2006

It’s All About Elvis’ House. Uri Geller (Needs) To Strike Back. Hard!

I just read news about how the legendary Spoon Bender from the 1970s and also one of Michael Jackson’s best friends, magician Uri Geller is caught up in a court case with Ebay and involving Elvis Presley’s former home. This is the house which Elvis apparently bought with his first royalty check and where lived, although only for 13 months, with his parents and grand mother before he moved to Graceland.

Some facts about the house here:

“Elvis Presley bought the four-bedroom, two-bath house at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis, Tennesee, in 1956 with a down payment of $500. During his time in the white, ranch-style house with an outdoor swimming pool, Presley's career took off with hits such as "All Shook Up" and "Don't be cruel."

“Part of the legend is that the neighbors did not like Elvis. Some of the neighbors were said to regard the Presleys as “white trash, hillbillies.” Or they viewed his performances as crude, or sinful. Apparently not everyone on Audubon Drive shared those views. A few of the surviving neighbors are careful to explain that they liked the family, but did not like the noise and confusion surrounding them.”.

Apparently Mr. Geller placed a winning bid of 905 100 US dollars for house on Ebay in May. However, when Geller and his lawyers demanded that the current owners and residents had to get out of the house within two months’ time they cancelled the deal and sold the house again, this time directly to a record producer Mike Curb, who paid them one million dollars for the house.

Now Geller is mad and is demanding compensation since when you are selling something on Ebay you are under a binding contract to sell etc. Never mind whether Geller really needs any monetary compensation - he is apparently filthy rich - but I am still on his side. People who cheat on online-auctions suck. And I personally would be very careful not to piss off a magician.

Go Uri! Punish them! At least you can bend all of those stupid people’s teaspoons for revenge!


Hennyman said...

I agree, a deal is a deal, no matter if it's online or offline. I bet those folks will have a helluva thanksgiving day trying to cut the turkey with all cutlery bent beyond recognizion.

your said...

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Kriton Music said...

yes, Uri really knows that shit! ha can make stopped clocks work and make working clocks stop. Stop the clocks on tose bastards, Uri!

And he drew all those horrid pics on MJ's album covers. What a dude!