Monday, August 14, 2006

Got my Vans on, but they look like sneakers

Uniform choice has always been one of the most important things in all youth subcultures since 1950's or so. You gotta show your peeps that your're a) just like them and b) nothing like all the others. This is the common ambivalent function of fashion that sociologists have been blubbering about since the birth of Frankfurt School.

Last weekend I went to an alternative music festival and I realized that the checkered Vans seem to be the official shoe of choice for neopunk/emo kids. I mean, like 75 % of them had their Vans on(see pic above). I guess that's ok, 'cos I've always been into Vans and the "dogtown"/ and 70's to 80's skateboard thing. But as I am not a neopunk kid (thank lord) I therefore can't been caught wearing the checkered Vans any day soon. I guess I'm more like a Nike guy nowadays, quite unlike The Pack would say:

"Man, we be sportin vans and we throw away Nikes
If u wanna get right, stop buyin those Nikes "


Kriton Music said...

There is an interesting difference of dis-continuation of whatever here;

The Pack are hyping their Vans slip-ons in Bay Area or wherever as if they are something new and exciting and special while here in Helsinki, Finland, every teenager has been walking in those for last three years. And as a proof of the Vans reaching their ultimate market saturation point here, all high street shops selling ‘trendy youth fashion’ are already full of ugly rip-off copies of those for 14.95€.

Anyhow, those Vans are no-good anyway when compared to some Adidas or Nikes, they make people’s feet sweat like hell.

Hennyman said...

I remember when I was really into skateboarding culture back like in 1989-1992 and you couln't get Vans shoes almost anywhere in Finland. And you had these Vans ads in Trasher and other zines and you were drooling on those babies. The third (was it?) skateboarding wave (circa end of the 90's) brought dozens of skate brands into all local shops - nowadays u can get your Vans in every little place. And Vans has therefore grown to be a lot more than a skate brand. Like you said, all kids have 'em.

Kriton Music said...

i think this example is needed here to prove your points true: i just saw a pair of newborn baby Vans Slip-ons (yes, checkered canvas!!) in a shop in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago.

Although old school Vans might not be the best shoes for your feet, and they are definitely too ordinary and boring to wear, i must admit they still have a pretty nice design. The off-the-wall hi-tops. My god, not the slip-ons, i hate those suckers nowadays.