Saturday, March 17, 2007

We on it, just like everyone else. Horns from Chi-Town

Oh, we must not sleep on this one.

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, straight outta Chi-Town. So hot! Funky horns and gritty drums. This reminds me of the time I stole a trumpet from my school's music class 'cos I wanted to learn to play it but I only managed to learn only the three first notes of the MacGyver theme song.

However, I did return the horn later when my mom found it and started to ask me difficult questions, like where I got it from...


Anonymous said...

Take warning. Officially EXTRA HOT SHIT!

i wonder how much would it cost to bring those dudes to play a quick session with us in the Alppilounge..

OR we just might have to go hang out near some public schools that have proper music education. i mean, all the little kids who are forced to play brass instruments by their parents, will probably rather play some Wu-Tang horn stabs rather than "Mary had a Little Lamb"...


Anonymous said...

This is hot. I like the word "brass" a lot, because when I hear the word, Beastie Boys' "Brass Monkey" starts to play in my head. "Dah-dah- brass monkey. That funky monkey..."

Henne - Sy

Anonymous said...

I had to look this is in Wikipeed:

Brass Monkey is
"An entirely different cocktail, often attributed to the Beastie Boys' song of the same name, consists of three parts malt liquor and one part Sunny Delight. Typically Olde English 800 or St. Ides is used, and always in the forty-ounce bottle. The first quarter to third of the bottle is consumed, and then topped off with Sunny D, capped, mixed, and drunk.

Gotsa try that.