Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Learn to dance and get to know the history of Techno in three minutes.

Are looking for new dance moves, you want to have “a personal style”, looking for new fashion tips & dress sense, hair style, are you already bored with all that New Rave crap? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, look no further. In order to get new ideas it’s always good to look back a lil’ bit. Yo, this video shows you how to do it on the floor. Mad styles, yo’all.

It’s a clip from 1982 TV dance program The Scene with some folks getting down to The Seminal Motor City Electro/Synth/Proto-Techno track: A Number of Names: ‘Shari Vari’. It’s also THE TRACK many people claimed to have spawned alone whole Detroit Techno way back in 1981, even if it is not as know as many other classic electro tracks of the time. As the urban lore goes, that track apparently had whole underground sub-culture around it in Detroit with the special style of clothing etc., much inspired by everything European at the time. The Lyric is the key here, and you can sing along with it too:

"Some bread and cheese and fine white wine
Designer chic is a matter of time
Could this be the real thing?
Or is this just another fling?
Seen by millions nationally
L'oumo Vogue, Playgirl, G Quarterly
Because he's down on his etiquette
Shari Vari is really it

Smoking on his cigarette
Listening to his car cassette
Cruising with his hot playmate
In his Porsche Nine Two Eight
Heading for the highest heights
For the climax of the night
The people there they just won't quit
Because the music's really it"

And hey Timbaland, do I hear a very familiar sounding arpeggio there, do I?

Second 'hey', the token white dude with snake like agility in hips who comes on at around 1.22 point in the video looks scarily like Napoleon Dynamite in the famous dance scene, doesn't he?

If you want to see more, look here for a similar performance to the beat of other true classic, sampled by everyone, Kano: 'Are You Ready?’.

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Anonymous said...


1) The dude in the beginning with a yellow shirt looked a lot like Theo Huxtable from distance

2) The guy with the axe was how all these new rave rockers should look like on stage

3) the white guy had a weird really pale skin. Was he one of the corpses from MJ's Thriller video?