Monday, February 04, 2008

The Best Blend, like evah, dude!

Everyone knows blends (or mashups, or just remixes, like they actually used to be called - before all the American hiphop DJs knew about you could even do this... yes you might be denial but 'tis da truth) are the hot shit right now and therefore everyone with a computer is now making them. And as a consequence about 99.7% of them tend to be just pure shite.

So, while that "Riding Fixy" in the post below made me cry, seeing & hearing this one above made me laugh. Hard and long. It's so good.

It's also upping the game a huge step. Seriously. I mean, no mismatched vocals on a wrong key and a skipping beat loop but rather they've had Glen Danzig (or someone) actually singing on it. 


Fiil Inc said...

oh man, i'm feeling this!
well i'm not 100% sure about the Glenn imposter (this could never be Glenn himself, tho it sounds like him. i just dont think he'd have the sense of humour).

but the Misfits backdrop and Shakira vocals kill this shit!! i'm on it.

Anonymous said...

I luv it. The way that Shakira shakes her booty to Glen's (or Glen-a-like's) voice is amazing.