Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cool Kids: Black Mags - black dudes in skinny jeans & bmxes'

Here we go, another thing combining stuff we love; bikes, hip hop and radical social commentary on the state of the world in which we live in (by focusing on current male fashion trends).

Go ahead and check out the notorious clip Henny's last post was talking about.

You will see, for the first time since 1980s, a black dude rapping AND wearing skinny jeans. That's the sign of the times for you. Such a bold fashion statement. And I do like the upside down visor hat too.

"Dyno with the Black Mags..."

Coming up in the second part, sometime next week;
 'What is he talking about? What Dyno? Black Mags...?'


Anonymous said...

I had to google a bit to get down with the lingo. Maybe should be getting me a dyno with black mags?

Jussi said...

yo, we all need Dynos with Black Mags...

Unfortunately those 20s are way too small for me nowadays, hence I need and Arrospok!!!