Sunday, July 01, 2007


It's out. Leaked on 'teh internets'. What?

It's here.

Smashing Pumpkins' new album, 'Zeitgeist'. And Shepard Fairey made the cover art.
But is it any good?


Fiil Inc said...

no. it's not any good.

and no, i'm not a criminal. i got the cd from the record company.

Hennyman said...

I have no comment on the album ('cos ain't heard it yet), but I thinks dat the title is lame, dude. C'mon, we've all read some philopohpy and sociology in our times... Type Zeitgeist on the google and you'll get 14 000 000 hits. Billy could have used a bit more imagination on this one...

Fiil Inc said...
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Fiil Inc said...

yep, the title is soooooooo lame. it's so lame that it almost makes the music sound good. but not quite.

if i was a british music journo, i would name my review of this album "Shite-geist". so in that way, it's a good title.

(sorry bout that deleted comment above, it was so full of typos i had to trash it. obviously i cannot type anymore.)

Hennyman said...

Typos are so Zeitgeist of the web 2.0, dude

Fiil Inc said...

and still, what the hell is "Smashing Pumpkins" without D'Arcy and James Iha? That's right, Billy Coprgan playing dull heavy metal riffs and whining on the mic and and Jimmy Chamberlain, drumming those complicated "jazzy" prog rock fills that always seemed just a bit too pretentious.

well, i guess SP really lost their pop sensibility (i.e. the ability to actually write SONGS) a long time before this comeback. And Corgan probly got rid of all the pop he had left inside of him on his solo album.

no wonder Iha and Darcy didn't wanna join with the group. i wouldn't have either.

Hennyman said...

I just listened through half the album and this sounds so... nineties? Not too bad, but nothing too good to mention.

Kriton Music said...

Well, I must defend this at least a bit here because of this wave of negativity:

- Apparently D'Arcy concentrates nowadays (last ten years) mainly on smoking crack. Not good.

- The New bass player chick, whatever her name was is, is really hot.

- Apparently James Iha, who was cool I must admit, never played a note on Siamese Dream album because Billy wrote and played all guitars (and maybe even bass parts).

- Lastly, to me the Zeitgeist sounds a bit like Gish album, which is kinda good, at least better than if it sounded like any of the SP albums after Siamese Dream.

Oh, and this is the most important thing:
Silversun Pickups is officially 'the new Smashing Pumpkins', instead Billy and his company. Check them out.

Fiil Inc said...

yes, pick up the Silversun Pickups album instead of this. it's hot as f**k!!!

zeitgeist is not so absolutely bad, but i don't think it's nearly as good as Mellon Collie etc, which came out after Siamese Dream. c'mon think about it: "Tonight Tonight", "1979"... those were proper arena rock/pop tunes!

as about those couple of albums after Mellon - or the Zwan album - i have absolutely nothig to say. They were as dull as "zeitgeist", they came and they went.

that Corgan solo album was pretty weak as a whole, but it had some nice dreampop/shoegaze moments in there. not as much Judas Priest riffola as we got here.

but i know for a fact that there are many SP fans out there who like their macho metal stuff too. so this is good news for you homies. whatever gets you through the night!!