Monday, July 02, 2007

Wild Harmaakarhu spotted in Helsinki!

This blog has been about a lot of things, from consumer electronics to latest music rumours. We’ve written about luxury food and different types of beers that we support and diss, but I guess this is the first time we go into deep R&D in the drink section.

Last nite we had a little get-together among friends to celebrate my baby grrrl’s 1 st b-day. While opening presents and banging Spindbad’s cool 80’s mixtape we also experimented with some beverages. The outcome of this R&D session was Harmaakarhu AKA Grizzly. This simple refreshing drink resembles Clara or Shandy but it’s a bit more sour. So what is it you must be asking?

You could ask the bartender to give you a large, preferably a chilled glass and start filling it with:

• 1/3 Ice cubes
• 1/3 Karhu-beer
• 1/3 Lonkero (aka Harmaa, aka Gin Long Drink. A ready mixture of gin and grape juice, a strictly finnish thang)

You mix the ingredients and enjoy. It’s a purrrfect summer drink. And when the night approaches, you could add some extra gin to get your booty in the moody. Let Harmaakarhu take over!


Kriton Music said...

yes, indeed that Harmaakarhu was rreeuulll good last night. and i don't mean good in the sense that i got plastered, but good in the way that i drank one glass of it and it tasted HELLA NYCE! a real summer beverage.

take that recipe for real and try it. you won't be disappointed.

Fiil Inc said...

BTW, that first comment was of course by me, fiilincster. I don't know how my comments always end up coming under Young JZ's a.k.a. Kriton Music's blogger profile.

Kriton Music said...

You impersonator you!

But Harmaa Karhu sounds kinda scary really. I guess I will stick to Calimucho (red wine & coke w/ice) BUT ONLY IN CASE I am forced to drink mixed drinks, were at least one part is not hard liquor.